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What have you guys gotten so far from the Treasure Trove


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- 2 Costumes
- Volume 2(HM Skill)
- Sparkling Ruby
- Purification jar..? (I only got this once but I don’t think its counted as a rare item in-game.. but rare in my rng case)


Just want to point out the 2 costumes was both versions xD
I am loving them both.. hard to decide which to wear at once ;~;




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9 minutes ago, devildawg said:

It might be good to note:

How many slots do you have

How many keys (if any) have you used to get your "good" item


I'm not able to play as i'm at work but would you @Sachi be able to let me know the cost of everything that you got if you remember? 

Gems are 10g and book (vol 2) is 20g. I'm sure you wanted those most.

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6 minutes ago, OddFinrir said:

Gems are 10g and book (vol 2) is 20g. I'm sure you wanted those most.

Oh, damn... That's... reasonable.


NC, what are doing!? You have your reputation to think about!

(Really though, that's not bad at all. Pleasantly surprised.)

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Idk seems alot of gold to me...I have 15g on my main and 3 on my alt, lol.

Its week long event so I was hoping for cocaine at crack prices  =/ .  

I know dare to dream. At least I know not to buy extra slots, ty

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I bought the slot expansion with HMcoin as well as 10 HM coin keys for my main. Then bought 50 keys with ncoin. I also did the free open once on each of my 5 alts.

Here's a list of the items I came across and the quantities/prices.

List of BnS Treasure Trove Items I came across.


The quantities are how many was offered in the selection, not how many times I saw it. At the end for more rare things, I got the skill book once, the light costume twice, the dark costume once, the bundle of 10 metal ingots once (worth 10g total). I did not get any gems.


Edit: I screenshotted a lot of stuff..so, sorry if there's a price or quantity I messed up on. For those thinking of spending money, it's an idea of what you might get from it though. While I was doing it I saw a few times ppl getting the Metal Ingot x 100 (which would be 100g), and maybe a handful of people getting gems. Also saw 100 soulstones pop up for other ppl, tho I only saw 30 max.


Edit2: Added a section to the list of items other ppl have been getting. Also editing some of the quantities for items even if I did not personally see that amount as long as the price is the same.

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