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[PvE]Solo Poh


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kite warlock when it creates the thrall for as long as u can. avoid combat.

if u do it right u force the warlock to come to u and thus leaving the thrall behind.

now u got 2 options: either u try to rush/stun as soon as it is in range OR

u kite even more. option 1 only works for low elo ppl as most locks know ur going to attemp a stun

and call their thrall when they know they r at the threshhold of targetting.


personally i go with option 2 most of the time. kite some more. doing so the lock will have gotten u into combat

by now and most of them start their nuking rotation. what i usually do then is iframe all BUT STILL KITE!

u know.. dragon helix all that visual fx stuff they do. anyways...when the thrall is about to die ENGAGE!

try to do it b4 the thrall disappears as most warlocks dont rlly pay attention to the timer. u can sort of estimate

when it is about to disappear so somewhere inbetween then. do ur normal dps rotation and pressure as much as u can.


try to prevent the warlock from resummoning. keep pressure up. when they do that uuuh thing on the ground where u cant stun

etc just phantom grab them out.


TLDR: kite on thrall spawn. engage late age of thrall. iframe the nukes using ur z or v or tab/f

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