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Report bots in arena


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Make it able that people can list the name of summoner bots they find so you can finally ban them.

I've met 2 summoner bots doing dailies, aka in THREE matches, TWO were bots.


This is starting to be ridiculous and putting everyone off of pvp.

You cant even name them anywhere right now since its "name shaming", name shaming??? What??


Or at least create an easy report button in arena!

.. For when you cant even select your target because they are 99% of the time stealthed. 



Screw this game's pvp soon. :\

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as people have indicated in other threads the report function is just for show.


I report at least 50 bots a day, mostly in misty woods and around the fountain in the plog area. Still see the same ones there daily.

All destroyers with names like "lkdfjglkdjf".

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amazing how you can remember they were called "lkdfjglkdjf" and not "lkdfiglkdjf" and these are in fact new bots.


But honestly bots in arena are arguably much more damaging to other players' play experiences than are economy damaging farm bots in the open world landscape. I wish people would know about the /reportbot command more, for arena. I tried it and it works.

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