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Ice tab and sheath on yeti


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Hi All,

Have a question. So at yeti cold icecicle phase.

When he says "Absorbing surrounding cold" in spam RMB. So that im in Frost mode. When he says "8 Cruxes" I Ice Tab. After 5 i defrost and get out to sheath. So now question

Sometimes when i get out Im not in Frost Mode and this makes the run fail cuz V doesnt appear. Anyone know why?. 

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there is two things that might have happened. so... 

#1 . after you "spammed rmb" and used your Tab ice, (which lasts 10 sec) you Enter 10 sec of Frost (Frost mode), if you dont defrost, you will automaticly return in to neutral stance (only top 1234 skills will be displayed) . one way to instantly get in to frost stance right after Tab ice ends, is to use your E and then V.


 #2 im not sure if you are aware but in recent patches (can not pinpoint which one) , they added a new debuff. 

its 30 sec long, and once you (OR any other FM in your party) uses ice sheath , you cant use it again for 30 sec, kinda like warlock/sin/kfm buff.


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@Airtaz In heat phase when he absorbs heat he puts a debuff on everyone that freezes you after 15s. There are two ways to remove debuff. If he grabs & throws the tank you need to run to the tank rly quickly (u need to start runing before he throws him). The one that gets grabed gets buff that removes freezing debuff from anyone who comes close enough.

If the tank iframes grab (or during the third heat absorb, where he skips the grab) you need to CC yeti after his first small jump. That forces him to do his big jump sooner than the debuff freezes you. After that jump some burning cracks will appear at the place where yeti lands, these cracks can remove the freezing debuff.

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