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One true pairing art


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Please note that this thread will probably contain mild spoilers. :)


There is a lot of vengeance and betrayal and all kinds of stuff in this game - so I wanted to focus on the love instead! I haven't played enough to know every aspect of the game's story, but one of the earliest quests you could get stuck on me and became one of my fav pairings. Hope you'll like it.






Hongmoon Brother Hajoon and Jadestone Earthseer Bak Gaha - wish I could have seen them together in the game. Oh well. ._.

This drawing can also be found here.




Also, since I don't really have the time to draw much fanart onwards..


Do you have a favourite couple in Blade & Soul? Maybe they are your own characters? Feel free to reply your OTP, or better yet share your drawings of them! :3

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