The Watchmen need YOU (Crimson)

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                                                 We are the Watchmen. We never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon.




                                                                                                           Clan details:

  • Guild name: Watchmen
  • Level 5 Crimson guild
  • Currently at 25 members and rising!
  • We use discord (and Skype if necessary)
  • Both PvP and PvE (best of both worlds... jk)


  • Friendly English speaking players who are talkative in guild chat
  • Level 40+ and willing to participate in guild dungeons or pvp
  • No age requirement (excluding 10 year old CoD players)
  • Active at least 3 times a week
  • No drama fanatics or excess drama
  • Good vibes from everyone


                                   Then feel free to talk to Hibari Kyouya (Leader) or Alvriana (Advisor), if you have more questions.



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Hey there,


Just tried to message one of the names left in-game, can't seem to find you.  But I'd still like to join nonetheless.  I have 3 characters of different levels and I'm mostly active all week, save a day or two for other activities.  I'm currently using my alt if you happen to read this now, but I'll leave my others below too.  If there's anything you need to know then by all means just ask, thanks! :)


Little Kotakii (main)

Gudouyama (alt - Currently playing)
Ryoko Kowhai (alt)

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Hy I like 2 join your Clan if possible I'm an active player most of the time if not that means I''m working :))

My main is Angellost lvl 50 hm 6 but currently I'm playing my alt summener xHeartBreaker lvl 37 but PM me and I will switch to Destroyer both chara and mod :))

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