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Rumblebees PVE


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just get 50%+ crit and stage 1 tier 4 (5 preferably) and that's it for 'build'

enjoy your new mechine gun ^_^


If you want to maximize dps, get in melee range as it seems only one bee animation can be active at a time, so if your at max range, your previous attack might be nullified before reaching it's target upon the next bee, or you might not even be able to attack until the previous bee hits, so the closer you are, the better.


With the HM skill for it, the damage just becomes ridiculous with destroyer and blade dancers grabbing enemies, allowing you to spam bees with no focus cost, since aside from the cat pin, all cc allows you to spam bees and destroyers and blade dancers have the longest cc, knockups work too, but no one uses them in parties.


Also, Stage 3 tier 5 is a stronger, slower version, but uses focus upon crit and has a cooldown. From my testing with it, it'll kill faster, but the focus cost and the sheer speed that stage 1 tier 5 comes out and it's versitility, makes it the clear choice.


MAYBE stage 3 tier 5, in combination with the LMB HM skill would be good for pvp with it's sheer damage, but I haven't tested it there.


tl;dr: sunflower for groups, bees for bosses

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