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Good Day/Noon Everyone


We Normally know that we Don't run dungeons without rewards. but in our case it's Different.


In My clan. We have a different kind of Loot rule.

1.) If you need the item, tell your clan mates who you run with.

2.) If you don't need the item, give it to someone who needs it or ask

3.) If majority of the people who agreed, then you can take it without arguments 

4.) If the loot is for your class It's purely yours

5.) If there are 2 or more of the same class is with, it's up to them if they want to bid for it, give it or split it.


Suddenly One player joined my clan and Run with us in BSH. 
a Lightning Draw Book for Blade dancer Dropped, which is what i also need


but then One Member (......) Asked me if i'm going to use it or sell it, i told him i'm going to use it.

4 members passed the bid for me to take,for they agree'd on our clan rule terms for they also gain what they want or need.


If he/she show's disagreement then he could bid for it.

but he/she didn't.

I told him i'm going to pay him his part but then from rage he didn't allow me.


Instead He raged out, Left the Clan, Spread Foul rumors that we are Thieves in Faction chat. and also "DAMAGED" our clan reputation

Is it ever normal for people to listen to His side but never heard mine,

It's unfair for me to take all the Accusation without everyone hearing my Side of the story.



then he made us take a contract of making pellets and we did for his cause.

we were planning to re-invite him to take 1 pellet and leave so he would take what he needed.

but then after he left he also accused us of STEALING what is his, he did donate hibiscus and 1 certificate but yet 2 certificates was also provided by one of my loyal members.

Before i would re-invite him to take the Pellet, He keeps on spreading foul rumors again remaking the issue that our clan are thieves. which angered me and didn't let him join the clan to take the pellet by then.


then he made another report to NC about another issue which NC heard his Side of the story and not hearing mine..

Well i have Had enough of his Childish act of misunderstanding and Self Confirmations.


Please make the Right thing NC his side is not the only side that you need to listen too even if he/she can provide a ticket.


My name is (Deijin) From (Templars) in Server (Iksanun)

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Ignore and block those who spread foul rumors. They are not worth the effort and even if he reports you to NC what are they going to do? It is a clan he is talking about and he had also right to bid for the item but instead he starts calling people thieves. How do you even could steal item from bidding?


Did NC take any actions or is this just in case if they do? Because in my opinion this was not even worth reporting, more like some kid ranting how he can't get stuff for free that he wants.

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Running clans is not easy, but I am pretty sure that anyone who has been around a MMO for a while is aware that ugly disputes happen in the other clans, and most will simply ignore it as an internal matter between a few players.


For my part, whenever I see a player say something in the chat a few times that disrupts my enjoyment of the game, I block him or her. I do not fancy seeing anything that is hateful or unfriendly or brings in the RL conflict to my happy escapism time, particularly if it is politics on any level, including the clan level.

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thanks for the comments guys! well i keep on ignoring him but i could not just take it anymore.. he keeps on taunting me to put our issue in flames. everyone thinks that he has a mental disorder.. the worst part is he keeps putting lie statements in the faction chat.. i wish NC should take this action cause he is just not rowening my name and reputation but also my clan..

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