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No Configuration.XML file in ANY folder

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Okay, so I'm trying to troubleshoot as to why my game won't quit crashing after clicking play, and a lot of what I'm seeing is changing stuff in the Configuration file in the NCWest folder. Only problem here is, that file isn't in any NC folder on my computer. I've re-installed 3 times now, and did several fire repairs, and still no file. Can anyone paste their configuration file contents for me?

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3 hours ago, hiyabusared said:

By any chance are you using a Razer gaming product? More so mouse or keyboard?

No Razr products whatsoever. I just reinstalled Windows 7, all my drivers are up to date, and there are literally no other programs on my computer besides Blade and Soul. Firewall and AV are off, etc. etc. I have no clue what to do. 


2 hours ago, Fiberstaden said:

The only config i know of for bots and soul is stored under My Document / BnS at least on Windows 10.

It's not in that folder, or any others.


Any way I can just get someone to copy and paste their's contents and I'll just make it a file for it?

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BnS>content>Local>NCWest>data, that is where one of the config.dat file should be...


if ya are have an issue i would suggest you to click "Repair File" in ya launcher, that should check and download any file missing from yar local disk...


if ya still cant log or the game crushes, i would suggest ya to send a ticket.... as it might provide faster response from the authoritative bodies... good luck..


p.s. if its config.xml doc. i personally dont think it has anything to do much with login... but ya can download from that link, though its tainted with my personally setup for the game..=_=" but before all try "Repair File"

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