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WL or Summoner in SSP


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  • 2 weeks later...

554 WL here, with a 560 FM, and a 564 Summoner in party yesterday.


All started with 0 prestige points.


I had 300 before both the FM & summoner could get to 180.


WL is king of SSP. (Just don't be a shitty WL & know how to use your rotation.)

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wl is not king, summoner definitely is king, but wl is highly viable

your comparison is so uncertain, you can kill pigs on the other side with few ppl, others two stay on another side where is zerg, and you have 3x more prestige

ssp is bit about tactics

but wl can gain nice prestige, comparable to fm+summ, just their survivability is lower, if you get aggroed by terror, its high chance of goodbye prestige, summ and fm has this wayy easier (god bless our non aggro rmb, best thing ever)

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