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Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

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I had a 8 stack of dragon certs back b4 the update when they dropped all over the place, well comparitively. So I decided to not delete my BM and just use her for pvp arena till I use them up,  bc no I can't  transfer them but I can the ss

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She's at profane and Infernal ascy
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Yes, I have alts. But this game is by far the most alt-unfriendly game I've played.

I think I am going to throw in the towel after they said there not going to be account-bound stuff. The game really wants you to stick to one character, and do the dungeons on it. I don't like it. I t

One doesn't exclude the other. Three tabs: Basic - Secondary - Shared

20 hours ago, DomiSotto said:

What benefits are PvP alts w/o the Small Dragon Certificates? Or are they account bound so you can grind them on a geared main to give to the alts so they can trade the beans in? Or is your undergeared character is something that I would consider super-geared (like 500 AP or something) and can do the current 50 purples, or you have guildies to carry it for the SDCs?

You know the purple dungeons are not hard right, and they have a random party button for those with lower ap....

You act like it's soooo hard to get over 400 ap XD


now my main is 560 which is overkill while my alts are low 400s (for future reference anything over 400 ap is more than enough to do a 6 man dungeon..)


Basically if you are lvl 50 with sht gear you should be at least 400 ap.....You're really making this out to be WAY harder than it is lol....so I'll try to make it simple


1. You do NOT need HM skills to pvp. You do NEED to know EVERY class to be decent.

2. You do NOT need amazing gear to do a 6 man purple dungeon for dragon certs (it's literally ONLY 6man) heck a mid 300 AP person can run it...

3. PVP alts do NOT have to be amazing they are cheap gold farmers basically


All this is for PVP ONLY not pve.


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But would not it be nice if Zen beans were account-bound, and you just happily converted them to the Soulstones on the PvE alt, while trying out other classes, w/o gearing them? I think I would have loved that.


Dunno how hard a purple level 50 dungeon is. Never tried one after Blackram. I like the blue ones better & run one. I am at the point when I could have 400 AP, but I am reluctant to spend atm, because I do not want to feel disappointed if I get one of the expensive (for me) TT drops. So, my gear will be totally awesome on the 27th. :)


I am okay having stuff that is good enough in the game, and not much, as long as I can only do stuff I like, and don't have to do stuff I do not. I also don't really feel like I need to be decent, I am actually really happy staying in silver, b/c names are hidden there. I just love playing against other folks and figuring the classes out.


Ideally, what I'd like to do every time I log in is play a few arenas, run a couple of blue dungeons and play an alt or the main with the story-line left on it. I'd run a purple dungeon if I could do it with a bunch of folks that are not in a hurry and laugh off the goof-ups, shrug off a wipe or two, and chit-chat while at it. I'd also run SSP if I got drops from it, lol. Like the process, but w/o rewards it's silly.


Kindda wish I could find other folks like me, but haven't.

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My actual main was an Assassin, got her to lvl 45 HM3, then I got a little bored so I created a BD. After working on her (BD), I got into her so much that I started to abandon my Sin and eventually, my BD became my main. Never even log on my Sin until this Trove event recently, only for the daily box. Lol

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FM 50 HM 8 - scorpio already, almost HM 9

WL 50 HM 5 - true pirate 

And 5 other lvl 46s as alts used to play pvp before the 50 patch. All in true profane/awaken ACC.


I find it pretty easy to stay geared and doing dailies. I'm a full time student who work part time. Only struggle is some days I don't have time to do dailies on the alt so I simply skip and just do it on the main.

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I have two alts, one level 50 the other level 47. This is how I divided my time. After getting my main to what I saw was a good gear level (awakened pirate) I started focusing on leveling my alts. I would do it incrementally at 5 levels at a time before switching to the next one but leveling took back seat to a little bit of farming on my main. Basically it was: do two dungeons on my main, start leveling alts. Now that one alt is at level 50 and the other is not far behind, I've stopped caring about rushing the third's level and just casually stroll through the story if I have time after some dailies on the other two.

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50 HM 5 - ForceMaster

50 HM 2 - BladeMaster

48 HM 3 - Warlock

50 HM 1 - Summoner

45 HM 1 - Kung Fu Master

14 - Assassin

10 - Destroyer

4 - Blade Dancer


I always play what I want to play that moment. I want to play with my BM? Then i'm going to play with her today. If I want my WL, I'm going to play with it. Of course, none of them have the same attention as my ForceMaster (My main atm), but all the dailies profit of every toon I have is going to have the same end: Use it for my Main and rarely for an alt, so it doesn't bother me, the only thing that changes is the gear, I do everything faster with my ForceMaster, but if I want to play with my BM its probably that I'm going to do that slowly, but I don't care too much on this when im in an alt.

Just, play. Don't take the game like it is a job. Of course I like to do everything as faster as possible, because, if I end my dailies faster I can do more with other toon, so, more gold to me, but as I said, don't think too much about it. If you want to play something, just use it. If its a low lvl toon, just lvl it up when you want to play that class.


About the combos and all.. that's not a problem for me, thats something you get usual to while you learn more about your class AND the game. Of course this may take some time.

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I am kind of wondering how easy it will be for me to slip back into my WL alt. It took a while on Monday and felt awkward. But on another hand, I also felt I had less player fatigue the next day, playing my main. I dunno if I have time tonight/tomorrow to play (life's like that) but I am thinking to play it a little to see how long i can go in between w/o losing the touch for the char.


After all, NCSoft is in a rush, but I am not....

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Working very slowly on a KFM alt right now.  Assassin (was going to be my main) got to 45, but I enjoyed WL so much, it's become my main.


I find the prices on the upgrades to be to expensive to really main anything past the first, which is sad, because I'd like to main Assassin too, or maybe switch back to, if I found it more fun than the WL at 50.

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On 4/19/2016 at 0:55 PM, Kromede said:

I don't know if I have a main class because I have 7 toons all 50, 5x at Oatherbreaker +10 HM3, 2 toons at True Pirate HM4. I rotate and play them almost equally lol

I knew If I stick to 1 class I would have HM10 and scopio weapon by now :P 


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On 4/19/2016 at 8:51 AM, Jinjii said:

Made them to do different dailies with so I don't die inside.  However, slowly just kinda giving up and sticking with my main.  Upgrading things are just too damn expensive to stretch over different toons.


This is me. I gave up on alts, even though I love playing different classes. The upgrading and keeping up is just too expensive for multiple characters. I slave one alt to run dailies for me to get extra money for my main. That's about it. It's a shame too...I love the alts.

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4 hours ago, Nilkemios said:

Yes, I have alts. But this game is by far the most alt-unfriendly game I've played.

I agree with this sentiment, any MMO with only one path through leveling can be considered "alt-unfriendly". Unless you're the obessive-compulsive type that can drown out the repetitive tedium, (like me, two 50's, 48, 46, 36, and 3 below 10, that's just one server BTW.)


Still given the cost of maintaining one toon, and the one leveling path mentioned, I risk total burn out with every new toon created and leveled.

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I love to make alts. However trying to get stuff done on a melee class is almost impossible now. With the amount of AoE a boss spits out and the mass SMN/FM spam fest trying to get the damage needed to get even the most BASIC quest done is beyond a joke. A simple removal of the "damage to get credit" system that is used would alleviate this problem ENTIRELY. 


I LOVE melee classes i really do, but when you spend all your time in iframes or blocking while that FM pew pew's away with impunity (until he gets aggro that is) where you then chase his ass not being able to hit it unless that WL chains it.... sigh.... the only reason I rolled a SMN was to get SSP quests done to feed the melee classes I roll. 


I mean plog bosses are dyin in less than 10 seconds. Who the F gets the quest done?. 

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6 hours ago, Tsuchiryu said:

Only if you make alts in different servers. Otherwise, I have to disagree.


6 hours ago, Riliane said:

I have to disagree too, why do you think that?

....I would think it'd be obvious, but here goes. Warning, wall of text here. T.l.d.r. version pending. (sigh)


1 - No Shared Storage. This is a big no-no. I feel like there should be a rule stating that if you are making an MMO, that you have to have some kind of storage accessible by any/all characters a player will create, because I'm sure many people playing any MMO will want to make more than one character. Even Aion had a Shared Storage, and that game was made by NCSoft as well. Blade and Soul has no excuse for not having one.


2 - I'm sure by this point, you've already considered mentioning that alts can mail stuff to each other, assuming they're on the same server. Except that you had to have spent money on NCoin (or one of the Founder Packs before the game came out) to have access to this function. They claimed you could mail stuff to other alts just fine initially, (but would have to spend money on NCoin if you wanted to be able to mail to others) but there have already been threads about people mentioning how this is not true at all. So, they gated the ability to mail things, something any other game lets you do normally, behind a paywall. Not right. At all.


3 - Lv15+ characters require 7 DAYS to delete. This, coupled with having only two slots available (three if you were around for the warlock event) means if you level a character past that point and find it's not to your liking, you are stuck with it for a week until you can reroll to something else...meaning that if the other character you have also turns out poorly, well...let's just say that waiting a week to do anything is not fun. Ever.


4 - Very linear quest/leveling/upgrade progression. In most other MMOs I've played, if you didn't want to do the story/side quests, you didn't really have to. Blade and Soul, however, forces you to do so in order to unlock side/daily quests so you can level up at a decent pace. There is little to no sense of freedom/exploration in doing so either.


Example : From the Gloomdross Forest (about Lv10 or so), there is a path north into the Cinderlands region. However, there's no point in taking this path because without the Cinderlands story quests unlocked, the other side/daily quests won't be either, so there is almost no reason to bother doing so until the story dictates that you need to go there. In addition, both Moonwater Plains and Silverfrost Mountains are completely locked off to you until the story parts that send you there via Dragon Pulse, with no other way to reach them.


So in the end, leveling up an alt means doing the same story (and usually the same side/daily) quests over and over again, with the only real variety being from whatever class (and thus combat style) you're using. And the game's story is nowhere near good enough to make up for this.


5 - The upgrade progression system is just as horridly linear and tedious as the quest system. Because your Hongmoon weapon and accessories are going to be better than anything at the same level (and even gear above level too!), you are stuck to having to upgrade them. While it starts off simple enough by feeding them junk weapons and such until they reach their limit, it becomes troublesome when you get to the Breakthrough/Evolution parts, where they now require a certain item(s) to go any further, being either from field bosses or dungeons, and often having a not so nice helping of RNG. And then from Tomb of Exiles and Moonwater Plains onward, the entire upgrade system jumps off a cliff and into a brick wall. But that's for another thread.




T.L.D.R. Version :


- No Shared Storage/Bank is stupid.

- Mailing to alts requires you to pay real money. More stupid.

- 7 day wait on deleting characters that are Lv15+, discouraging experimentation.

- You have to do the story and some sidequests every time. Tedious.

- You have to run many of the same dungeons/field bosses again on alts as well, cause you can't save Heroic upgrade gear for alts. Also, from Tomb of Exiles onward, you are forced to group up for upgrade material when the game pretty much discourages it. Stupid and Tedious.


Because of this, I have only two Lv50s, both of which I stopped playing soon after getting to 50. A Warlock and a Destroyer, both of whom are actually using the story weapons/accessories from the Silverfrost campaign because those are better than the Awakened Infernal equipment those two are stuck with, because of the previously mentioned upgrade system. I tried leveling an Assassin, and got to 37, but lost interest shortly after that.


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Adding 7 day wait time to list.
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I run 4 characters presently: warlock, summoner, force master, and blade master. I really enjoy each of them. must admit taking agro on the fm sucks though without a reliable block. before I moved servers I had 3 at 50 hm1-4. right now the 4 I have are in the mid to low 40's still grinding them back up to cap. I don't even have a true infernal weapon yet.


I defiantly agree that trying to gear multiple characters is nuts. ill probably just get to awakened infernal accessories and try to get to awakened or true profane weapons and then just funnel all the money into a designated main. past that point, the cost for upgrading all of the gear is crazy expensive. right now I think brilliant hexagonal amethyst go for around 20m, and sparkling pentagonal attack diamonds around 10m. since ill want one each for all 4 characters that's 30m per char or 120m just for 2 gems per char. that's not even thinking about weapon upgrades. ill be farming 50 dungeons in junk gear without even a diamond to help probably for a few weeks to build up that much cash. after that I can start in on weapons upgrades.


the one thing I have going for me is im intimately familiar with all the current dungeons so I can run them with my lowly stats. I took a look at the upcoming asura boss and he can hit for about 25-28k if u miss a dodge on the falling swords. so im not really sure which shield I should farm up prior to that. profane at 43. what about after? straight to naryu for the hp so u can survive asura or maybe just farm up the old moonwater arena shield?

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