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Loot what is that? (RNG, Lootboxes and Co.)


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Hello to the Community,


just to mention this at the beginning: "This is not a Flame or Troll Post!" I have been forwarded by NCSoft Support to write my concerns about: RNG - Loot - Dungeons here at the Forums.


To make a long Story short I don't want to write a wall-of-text and try to bring things up to a point as much as I can.


What is this about?:


My Char. I consider it extremely unlucky! Why is easily said: I have been playing BnS since early launch 15th January 2016 and till now 19th April 2016 I have got the most unlucky Loot behavior ever.


To clarify:


From my Start at January till now I've received over my course of Loot: 2x Gem Hammers, 5x Venture Tokens, 2x Silverfrost Pickaxe and about 5-7x Moonwater Pickaxe. My Playtime on a Week is about 15 - 20 Hours during the Week and 8 - 16 Hours at the Weekend!


Before Silverfrost Patch 1:


Did a Daily Rotation of 40 Quests and Dungeons for upping my gear!


After Silverforst Patch 1:


My Daily Rotation is Awkward since motivation is extremely low. Why is easy after the Requirements of Breeze Weapon and Accessories the Venom Darts / Frozen Stinger drop rate is way to low! 


What does all this have to do with RNG and Loot?!:


All my Loot-boxes come only with: Healing Tonic + Nariyu Coin and if planets align and Half-Life 3 is confirmed I will get an Unsealing Charm or something special...

Event Trove: After 140 Rolls - 1x Ruby Gem - 1x Sapphire Gem - 1x 100 Soulstones all the other Troves were blanks!!!

Dungeon Dynamic Loot is even worse: Call it Super Fantastic minimal Loot - Weapon-box or Blue Weapon

Boss Loot yesterday for example with a 4man Team after 5 Runs we got so demotivated that we just quit: Avalanche Den 4man Party - Loot 2x Frozen Stingers and one Yeti Weapon of choice!


Now why I concern myself with this issue now?:


I see myself as a Semi-Casual Player and there are things that are unachievable for me and my Team. With dungeon loot set to minimal and Auction-house prices thru the roof! It could be just only my perspective or what I see as "equivalent exchange" *draws a symbol*.


What needs changing? What is your Goal?:


My goal at least is that Dungeon Loot gets a higher Stack of Frozen Stingers or more possibility's to obtain them! Thru Quests - Additional Dungeon and better Loot Stacks in 4man Dungeons.


Why do I want that Frozen Stinger drops in a higher Stack and more frequently?!


Look behind you -> when Soulstones were the primary income there were more ways to obtain them PvP Quests and Arena PvP. That drove me to do Arena PvP and learn more about my Character and the skills connected to them.


A little bonus for you: OFFICIAL STATEMENT BY GM NCsoft (Name has been deleted because of ToS and Forum Rules)





Hello there,

I'm very sorry if you having a hard time in receiving items that are valuable for your character. There is certainly an element of randomness involved in what items you may receive, and given the number of possible rewards it can take a fair amount of time to acquire the time you're looking for. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience and I can understand waiting for a specific item to show up, but please know that the Support Team has no control over which items you'll receive.

Also, a character's "RNG" is not something that can be modified or reset, or there isn't any kind of "Unlucky RNG" button or flag for characters. There is no specific character or account attribute tied to randomized outcomes like the items coming out of transmutation, opening a particular piece of loot from a chest or getting rewards from events. 

Also, it seems that this email does not have any characters in it. In the future tickets that you would send, please use the email that is associated with the character that you inquiring about for a better assistance.

We know that this is not the answer you are looking for, but we hope that you understand.

Kindest regards,

NCSOFT Support Team




Second Part:






I appreciate you taking the time to send in this suggestion for Blade and Soul. We receive far more suggestions than can possibly be added to the game, and 
the Development Team has many ideas of their own. When they are considering what to spend their time implementing, one of the most important things that 
they look for is whether there's a strong desire for particular changes or features from the Blade and Soul community. Having suggestions available in a public area helps the Development Team gauge the amount of interest in various ideas, and also allows other players to offer feedback of their own.

I'll be glad to do what I can to pass along the information you've already provided, but the Blade and Soul Support Team doesn't have any direct control 
over the development of Blade and Soul. Please consider posting your idea there, or commenting on a similar suggestion that someone else has already made.

If I can be of any further help, please let me know.

Best Regards,

NCSOFT Support Team




This Post has been created to let the community show that if we stick together we have a possibility to make a change - Communication is Key! - Lets talk about it and see what you have to say and share your experience.




Sin. aka Sigma - Frostgipfel [DE] - Summoner


P.S. If things need clarification do not hesitate to ask. :D

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RNG does get stupid sometimes,yes..


However,I won't really bother much with RNG of frozen darts specially if you are talking about the one you can bid on since people bid high and close to selling price anyway.

Also frozen darts are tradeable and some purple dungeon quests give around 5 of them daily which need no RNG at all.


I know their price is kinda pretty high but that is actually an advantage and a disadvantage..As they become more available their price would become less eventually so that would be a good time to buy but now you can sell them for high..That's just what I prefer to do so it kinda becomes a win win situation on the long term.


I would like to have more quests giving them in the future though..It surely would make things abit "easier".


What bothers me about RNG most is stuff you can't trade like soulshields,purple weapons and accessories needed for breakthrough etc...Now,when RNG gets bad on these,that's what really sucks.


I once had to use 20 keys+ to get stalker razor for my warlock from stalker chests (that drop from stalker jiangshi field boss)..I know those can be bought but I have many keys and razor prices back then were stupid.


Also RNG on outfits gets very stupid sometimes..Example:Junghado hat drop rate and the shadowless outfit thing T_T

Some people say they killed junghado over 300 times and didn't get his hat to drop yet lol...Still outfits are harmless if they don't drop..The important stuff are the RNG untradeable actual gear...I know that you can buy silverfrost keys etc to get the weapon instantly but sometimes the box itself won't drop..Also,silverfrost key etc are not market driven like frozen darts etc..


In other words,the price for these keys is put by NCSoft and not by the players and its too damn high with very little to no chance of it getting cheaper in the future specially,with the exchange rate going unfavorable for the free players recently which makes it even harder for them to get it unlike the market stuff which eventually go out of date and get their price lowered..They have inverse relation there.


RNG is not what bothers me much in this game though but I think RNG here could use more work to improve.



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You sound pretty lucky to me compared to what I usually get from boxes. And what Oxygen said is true. I have never gotten Frozen Stinger (except for that one time when we shared the loot with clan) from other than dailies and yet I have managed to get closer to 50 Stingers. It does take time but since I still haven't gotten to the point where even my accessories are maxed with the lv 45 content I don't rush getting Stingers and so on. Slowly day by day getting more items needed. RNG is kind of poor especially for weapons and so on. Getting your class weapon is much harder than other class weapons regardless which class you play with.


Anyway keep up the good work and don't get frustrated. Regards from a person who never ever got gem hammers nor gems from boxes or trove. My trove catch has been so far 10 Soulstones and tons and tons of insignias! :')


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On 4/19/2016 at 2:06 PM, Sinulgat said:

From my Start at January till now I've received over my course of Loot: 2x Gem Hammers, 5x Venture Tokens, 2x Silverfrost Pickaxe and about 5-7x Moonwater Pickaxe. My Playtime on a Week is about 15 - 20 Hours during the Week and 8 - 16 Hours at the Weekend!

Bro... Judging by this, your luck is perfectly fine. I've only seen one silverfrost pickaxe. 4 venture tokens and 2 gem hammers. I guess the case of "extremely unlucky" is a wide-spread problem. In fact, taking your playtime into account I'd say you're extremely lucky to get that much with so few play hours compared to mine. Unless you meant 15-20 hours per day on weekdays.

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@Peps, no it is true I mean the week by that. Have to work and RL and so on... :D My Clan tries to be efficient with the runs and so far as casuals go we are good in a positive way. We are not fast but we are not slow ether just a nice sweet-spot for all members.  ;)


Best regards

Sin. aka Sigma (Frostgipfel DE) Summoner

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yeah you rely are extremly lucky my play time is around 6-8h. day tho drops are 0 x hamers  0 x gems  4 x Venture Tokens  1 x Silverfrost Pickaxe   etc. etc.    what comes to thos Venom Darts  it's 5 per day but i just sell em as im moving to other game and i dont care about this game eny more it's just too booring / p2evolve ther is noting in this game then up your gear......

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You get TWO different gems in the trove and complain about bad luck? LOL

And if you are unaware with Asura they increase frozen stingers ammount dropped, more dungeons = more stingers too

They didn't "add" more ways to get soulstones either, they were all there to begin with as the original concept.


Are prices for these things we need? Yes.

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The drop rate is low ,we need the mats and they promised will increase this .Actual content is slow and non profitable. Everything i open contains lucky tonic ,never got anything good from treasure trove except nayru coins and some mamoth stew untill now ,i consider this game is totally crap while comes to RNG -from weapon drops when you lvl and need upgrade to the daily pain to go pvp for beams while you don't like it at all -to get at end some fantastic bs in a box.

I hate that the progress of character is locked behind RNG,not giving a shit for the effort you put in or for time you spend doing it.

(I remember my char being locked on Golden Daeva for weeks because could not get the weapon for upgrade).

I dislike it then ,i hate it now even worse.

Guess is just a sistem to milk out players in order to make them progress.


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I don't see how you're unlucky, that just looks normal to me. I even got less venture tokens, only got 2 gem hammers and the only thing worth noting was 1 honorary ornament.

You got both Ruby and Sapphire gems, which are the only important things in the event trove, so that's actually good.

My last few Yeti runs were mostly 2-3 stingers and a useless weapon.


Another thing is, you might consider yourself so unlucky that you don't see the moments where you're actually lucky anymore. People tend to be very subjective.


I think everyone can cry about being unlucky, for example just yesterday I tried transmuting 6 x hexagonal purple gem boxes, 5 x failed, 1 x gave me a Citrine.

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First - I want to thank you all. :D


The Feedback given opened my mind how hairy Loot can be InGame. I have even read other Topics were PPL Grind hours / days / weeks for some specific Item to drop and set up Sky-high kill rates plus never seen the Item!!!


Of course this is a MMO and it is understandable that things tend to get very Grindy during the way of Loot. But some things don't honor the equivalent of effort put in to a specific quest or dungeon.


Best example is - Necropolis -


Long ways even with skipping enemy's + An event Boss (Not difficult but time-consuming) + Event Nodes x3 (Not skip able) + Boss ---- Minimal Loot seen 2 Frozen Stinger and a Weapon...


This is what I call a failed Design on a dungeon! The reward for effort is by far to low. But do not take my word for it, it is just my opinion.


The other part is transmuting items were materials Drop very rare in dungeons and get wasted if the transmutation fails! - There the risk and reward is very bad because even if you succeed in creating an item the Affix values are random!


I would like to read more experiences from other players about: Loot - Dungeons - Transmutation what is your opinion?



Loot should never be instant gratification but fair to obtain for the effort put in to obtaining it fair and square!


Thanks again and let the Feedback roll in



Sin. aka Sigma - Frostgipfel (DE) - Summoner

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