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Hello dear anybody who reads... First of all, u see my topic, yes CHEATERS in the game. They exist. They are reported... Submitted with ticket (seems to be useless). Auto message comes that "dear xy , its been 48 hours since u submitted, it seems than your problem is solved" or something like that. And what did they do? Nothing! I got the videos on youtube as proove that they use speed hack! AND STILL those ppl are playing and *cricket*ing other ppl's game.... A lot of people leave cuz support DOES NOTHING! JUST BANN those two as first step, so ppl can see u do anything for them.... Here are the videos! Those 2 name : ShokaXX  and ybz ! Wildspring server.... account name : bobojjj and lijianmin . DO SOMETHING FFS! >_<





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