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Why %80 player BOt In Arena? Come In


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Cuz this game rules lvl 20 and lvl lvl50+10 are same in arena, have no stats!! And fckng cheater create character and open program for zen bean farms, its mean Soulstone and its mean MONEY.


I was duel In arena "new season" my i was GOLD and my character Warlock 50 lvl + 6.. My fckng so many skill open, and my first 4 opponent SUMMONER, first one 26 lvl, i cant hit him, cuz someone found Invis+Resist hack, i kill him cat wth 10 second, after that, he didnt jump, he didnt going to far away he did nothng, only he just stay my front get invis and hit me, i didnt see him!! and after 3 match like this, i didnt see any player..


I send report him, probably this hacker was collect 10.00 zen bean today, he allready take a soulstone and he collect money, if you are banned him its not a big problem he can create new character, few over later he can get 25 lvl and he can collect again soulstone.. 


Every time i ask my self why BLIZZARD GAME #1 in the world, and every cheap game LIKE THIS "BNS"gives me answer, thnx a lot for that experience.

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