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Over abundance of Hackers in Skypetal Plains.


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There hasn't been a night where I haven't been the victim of hackers in Skypetal Plains on the Mushin server. These hackers are disappearing and reappearing constantly and usually use grenade launchers to rob people doing their dailies of their prestige.


It's nearly impossible to report these people as most are using the Faction masks ( which in and of itself is the biggest troll addition to this game, ever) and their names do not come up when you push ESC or when you look at your history.


We need full time GMs to actually be monitoring the game in these areas and a better way of reporting hackers, regardless of their stupid Unidentified Crimson/Cerulean masks. Even the bots are using these hacks.


The whole situation is demoralizing and makes people just want to quit this game altogether.

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