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strange actions in game play????


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This has happened 3 times now, in Scorching Sands.  I go through 3 or 4 quests in town then leave town.  The first quest I try to do is fine, but then the game doesn't accept any key commands, I have to use my mouse to exit quest screens but then nothing. I had to do a hard boot on my computer to get out of the game. I also tried to do the quest to get the black feather fan, and couldn't change my outfit to cuerlian outfit. I relogged  from the character change screen and my character was in her underwear in town.  So I did another complete reboot but it was like I had done nothing since entering Scorching Sands. 

This is day 2 of the strange behavior.


Forgot to add, that now it is crashing to desk top everytime I try to go through a gate and get a load screen.


Wow I have to wait to submit the edit? o.O

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