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BSH First Time - Gide/Tips?


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Hey good folks,

I am considering maybe running BSH for the first time.


I ran through the 24M version of the BSH a couple of times, and it is very convoluted, so I expect to have absolutely horrible 6M version.


Is there a guide with text and maps (not a video) and/or some easy (again, text to read) tips to know before queueing for it.


Could anyone also tell me how many climbs and glides are there, and how many instances of mobs that everyone absolutely have to skip?



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6 Man is a zerg fest to each boss, same as every other DG in game. Practice lots in the 24 man zones, to get timings and mechanics down for each boss, it's just a rinse and repeat that you have been doing for every DG since lvl 19.  Far as the glides and mobs that are skipped, that changes based on the group your in, so be prepared to be flexible, and again i advise the more time you spend farming bosses in the 24 man zones the better your 6  man experience will be 

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I did my fair share of runs and though I probably missed a few things with certain bosses' patterns, the following tips are what I adopted ever since I consistently started my successful streak of runs in PUGs. Corrections and additions are welcome.



General tips:


- Get Wall Dash. It's one thing to try to do it with too low AP, but don't bother trying this dungeon until you finish Act 3 (you get Wall Dash a few chapters before the end of the act). You won't be able to move past Venomous Thrasher without it. 24-man may be doable without it (although it will delay reaching places something fierce), but 6-man isn't. You'll need it up to right after you defeat Blood Mane.

- Avoid mobs the best you can where applicable. People tend to jump and glide over them. Try to outlast/outrun them if you get aggro or else dispatch them if they begin to overwhelm you. Wall Dash is vital for this up to Blood Mane. The places where you land when wall dashing is important to avoid aggroing the ranged mobs on top, since a single one can cause bleeding effect for heavy damage. A 'monkey see, monkey do' approach here is effective to learn.

- Gear up. It may sound elitist at first, but really, bosses' enrage timer mechanics forces you to have minimally decent gear to pull your weight to avoid a party wipe. I'd say the absolute minimum acceptable here is 380 AP. It's not elitism, it's necessity.

- Spec into status resistance skill wherever possible. Resisting a daze or a knockback can be a godsend when dealing with bosses. Same deal with iframe skills. There's a Resist tab in your skills window (pressing K) for a good reason. Use it, learn it, work with it.



That covers traversing the dungeon. Now on to the bosses:


- Venomous Thrasher: DPS like crazy here, simple as that. Gets less simple when he roars and becomes immune to damage: that's a sign he'll cling to the ceiling and start spitting poisonous acid. As soon as that happens, move close to the guns and pick them up once the 'green light' prompt shows up on them. You have to destroy the eggs by pressing 1 with the gun close to them and knock boss off the ceiling by shooting at him with LMB. I'd suggest having at least half the party taking care of eggs first while the rest handles the boss. Note that during this phase, water runs through the 4 vents in the room. Step on these vents to remove the debuff that reduces your AP and gain an attack and movement speed buff. I recommend doing it between right after all eggs are destroyed and right after boss is back to the floor... because right after the latter happens, Thrasher will let out a roar that will cause instant death on whoever still has the debuff. After that, get back to DPSing him. Rinse and repeat uintil he's defeated.


- Blood Mane: Closer to his 24-man version than Thrasher, but also comes with his enrage timer. DPS him to death and pay attention to whenever he uses his red AOE attack, which ALWAYS comes right after an overhead punch to the ground causing a forward shockwave (you'll know the attack since he says something while performing the attack): that's your cue to get ready for either iframe the AOE or, even better, double CC to interrupt him. Automatons seem to affect Mane himself too, not just the party, so having a grab-specialized class like BD or Destroyer to make it easier to put him in the way of the automatons helps. Speaking of, ignore the automatons besides not getting in their way to avoid bleeding debuff, if possible: focus on staying alive, DPSing Mane and avoiding/resisting his AOEs.


- Cobalt Widow and Scarlet Widow: Probably the easier of all bosses here. Same as before: DPS to death, with the difference you need to split the party into two groups to handle each Widow. You generally want to not keep them too cloose to one another. Also, don't hesitate to CC them to keep them in place since they otherwise will move around a lot. Keep their health bars close so that you don't take too long to take out the remaining one once either of them is defeated. That's because the one defeated first will chi regen, so you'll have a time limit to defeat the other one. Never failed to defeat 2nd one before 1st one got back into action, so I dunno what to say in case you do fail. Really, you'll only fail this if your party has very, VERY poor coordination (in which case, they wouldn't have got past the previous two bosses to begin with, as their mechanics are less forgiving). Consider this the easy version of what to expect from final bosses in Naryu Labyrinth.



From here, begins an area that's basically exclusive to 6-man version. Mobs here are unavoidable for the most part, until you go indoors, where you only have to deal with a couple of Destroyer-like elite mobs. Just be careful when going through the middle sections in this room, as flames are lauched in those areas. Rest of mobs indoors are skippable and it's best to just outrun them on your way to:


- Hae Mujin: Here's the final boss. Like Thrasher, changes to his attack patterns compared to his 24-man version are more drastic. VERY little room to CC this guy, generally when he's a about to spin throw a party member, so be quick to take advantage of these windows of opportunity. As usual, start with DPSing him. At some point, he'll whistle to call a 'Shadow', basically a decoy. I generally adopt the same approach as I recommended against Mane's automatons: avoid his attacks when possible but don't bother attacking him, focusing instead on the real Hae Mujin. After a while, he'll go to the middle, do a red AOE you should either avoid or iframe... then he'll begin his dreaded 'bombardment phase': a series of 3 shockwave AOEs in random places that dazes and deals heavy damage. As his health gets lower, he'll alternate in between the red AOE and bombrdment attacks. Here's the part where the tip of speccing your iframe, status resistance skills will play a major role in staying alive.


Honestly, this part is where I'm not sure how other classes handle it without dying, but THIS is the part where Destroyer (my main class and only one with access to the dungeon for now) REALLY shines and EARNS his 'spin-to-win' reputation unironically: Searing Strike his red AOE and Hurricane (T4S2, AKA the 'spin-to-win' part) to resist the bombardment if you happen to be in a targeted area, while anicanceling all the way through. If I somehow screw up during this part, I try to squeeze in extra healing: Stone Shield, Smash and/or healing tonic. Keep at it till Hae Mujin is defeated.

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