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How do you join raid?

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No, the grand harvest event starts at specific times, 3 times a day with 3 hours in between 


You can click on the clock on top right corner of your screen to find out when the event is starting 

Once the event has started, you can go to Grand Harvest Square


First some merchants would come there ,then there would be a notification about raiders coming to the square . After some time , maybe 1-2 minutes , the mobs are going to spawn . You need to keep killing the mobs till specific captains appear 

West : Hansoo >> after killing a certain number of hansoo elite 

South : Wu Fei >> after killing a certain number of Wu Fei elite 

East : Hodgonney >> after killing a certain number of hogdonny elites 


Once all these 3 bosses are killed ,a bubble will spawn in the middle of the square , you need to wait a bit here . After some time , the exterminator will spawn here and then you kill him to finish the daily 


Also note that the 3 bosses drop the chest / loot only if u do enough damage to him . And this event happens only from channel 1 - 5 in grand harvest square at these specific times 

you can form a party and do this or can run around solo , but make sure you do enough damage to the bosses to get credit . 


Hope this helps ! 


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