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You kidding me? Damn read lazy staff


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Is this a joke? For weeks, no patches were done for stupid camera bugs. Today, I'm experiencing extreme lag in misty woods for Blackwyrm, even after multiple relogins. Don't say its slow internet, because my internet is not, its first time experiencing. I have been disconnected during dungeon dozens of times while fighting last boss. And you people don't care. Seriously, why are you running the server? I have been active in the forum, never seen anyone. My main account got banned on forum because I said summoners are cancers when BM didn't have enough skills to fight them. You don't even ban bots, but banned my main because I said something horrible about balance lol. Seriously, this is a joke. I've never seen such irresponsible and unprofessional management in any games community. If you still don't care lol. Only thing people want is response. If somethings are unmanageable, just say them. It's not that difficult to manage game properly, you just have to communicate with the users, but you never do lol.

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