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Gem Slots Question

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So I only did a quick search, but I don't think i found my exact answer.


I know when you upgrade to silverfrost weapons the slots get rerolled. For me, the 3 characters I've done so far went from 4 to 3 slots.


Question 1: Is it actually possible to roll higher or lower than 3?


Question 2: Does anyone know if we might be getting the 4th, 5th, and 6ths slots during the weapon progression at some point? Or is it probably safe to spend gem hammers to get those slots open now?


Sorry if I missed the answer somewhere and thanks for any info people might have. :)

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8 minutes ago, Eimi said:

My weapon rerolled to a single slot going to true breeze, but unlocking them again wasn't particularly expensive so i'm not that bothered by it ~

O.O one slot...wow that's depressing

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