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Tier list of classes right now?


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  • Summoner still OP. Low learning curve, if you know how to use it well it can wreck people. However, high rankings are filled with KFM/Destroyer and a some FM's, which summoner has more trouble against so it starts to drop off there. On the flip side though there are also a lot of assassins in high ranking which summoner does well against.
  • KFM, BD, Destroyer, Assassin are in a very strong place right now. Low/medium learning curve with very strong toolkits to maximize performance with relatively low investment, performs well at all rankings. If you're aiming for top ranks these 4 are the ones that perform well all-around with the class distribution there.
  • Warlock is pretty OP too but its one problem is that it doesn't rank above the above 4 melees in terms of well-rounded effectiveness. Has some pretty serious trouble against assassin and FM so it has trouble with higher ratings.
  • FM has all the tools it needs to win but people don't know how to use it so it's in a pretty ambiguous spot. Warlock actually has a bit of the same problem but it's a lot easier to figure out how to use WL. Does pretty well at low-mid ratings but if you don't know what you're doing you're going to hit a bottleneck pretty fast. Once you "git gud," so to speak, you can shoot up the rankings from there though.
  • Same thing with BM, need to know how to use it, except the difference is that it doesn't have the tools it needs right now so even an experienced player on BM can still lose to noobs using another class. If you see a BM at your rating you can expect them to be playing at a much higher level than you.
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