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summoner is permantly in stealth >.>


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I have fought fight with summoners before but no this kind of summoner. he was the WHOLE fight in stealth and only shows up when attacks (and no he never stop attacking) soo it was impossible to target him. I got his nickname (in case of emergency) so please someone tell is this a bug or something.

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On 4/17/2016 at 6:03 PM, TakunDes said:

its a hacker. its not a bug. just report them with video to support if you faced them.

I have done this multiple times, and only thing u get is a Dev or GM replying with a copy paste answer, as if the GM it self are bots...


now I know for a fact they dont do anything as they do what they say, they gonna investigate, your video is an addition, but within the CODE of the game they wont be able to find anything, therefore they cant do anything.


how I know they dont do anything? guy I reported was Level 30 summoner with that type of hack in arena, with a video to support it.

this was 3 weeks ago, every week I look at the summoner, hes leveling, at the moment hes now L50 HM2, so this hacker is taking its sweet time leveling while NCSoft dont do anything.


current arena is Bot infested again....


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I mean look at this shit..... Broken Bots in PLOG...


and theyre usually alot of them.






bare in mind these are level 50 bots, sure i use the Report Bot function, but really :p im sure theyve been reported when they were still low level

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