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Gem Slots, What the Hell NC

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So I just got my True Pirate upgraded to True Breeze.


First, I lose both of the gem slots I purchased with NCoin via Gem Hammers. Now, we've all seen NC's BS "fix" for this issue, which includes giving players who manage the upgrade before the 27th fewer Gem Hammers than they used getting where they are and not restoring any of the gold spent.

 So yeah, thanks guys... it was, quite literally, the least you could do.


So I buy some additional NCoin (along with submitting a refund request) to restore the slots I lost. "You have exceeded your purchase limit."


Now I can't even buy the damn slots back? What the hell, NC?

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9 minutes ago, Fuz said:

lol, you're even spending more money after being shafted.

It's kinda poetic.

Ya it's not like he wants to lose his progression on his weapon??


With this NCsoft is doing literally the bare minimum they have to. With gem hammers primarily being a paid item (I've had one drop from a box since head start) it's borderline illegal to take away the slot that many of us have paid for with real money.

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56 minutes ago, Dad said:

You people still think it's a bug or something? I'v stated before this happens in all other versions blaming nc for this won't help you.

You've made two mistakes in your post:


1. You've clearly missed the giant quote box right in the middle of the OP post.

2. You assumed we knew who you were.

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