Following is my current back and forth with support, condensed for everyones sanity.   I open a ticket earlier this month regarding lag, giving lots of info including setup and sent with screenshots showing high ping/no packet loss.   They ask for DxDiag and Hijackthis reports, which I provide.   They ask me to clean boot, repair winsock, run game as admin and if issue persists provide fresh Hijackthis report: done, done, done and report sent.   They ask to try Google DNS and contact ISP if resolved: not resolved.   I ask for rundown of which port handles which portion of game logic (6600 is Texas ip and has consistent latency ~140ms relative to it's distance, 10100 is Frankfurt ip yet fluctuating between 25 and 250ms).   They ignore my query and reply claiming a possible port problem, ask me to check port forwarding and if I'm having problems to provide my router setup page info; even though I had already explained I'm wired direct to modem. I reiterate that fact.   They ask for rudimentary info regarding setup (much of which I had already provided) and ask to run PingPlotter trace the following ip: EU   I oblige and also query why this ip doesn't match any we see under TCP Connections. PingPlotter set sent.   Query ingnored, ISP blamed: packet loss problem.   I ask why the majority of packet loss are on final hops and high latency spikes at final hop only.   Receive long winded packet analogy; a copy/pasta from Guild Wars support days.   I ask if I can have premium put on hold.   Forwarded to GM and refunded premium in NCoin.   I contact ISP*, they run some tests, I run some tests, conclusion: NCServer problem. Forward this on to support.   They reply about problems with GameGuard, ask for its logs and again DxDiag and Hijackthis.   I ask why GameGuard; considering I hadn't mentioned it once.   They apologise and ask for GameGuard logs again.   Sent logs, but at this point it looks they just try and blame everything but the server.   I must admit when it comes to premium/items/in game purchase support they are seriously on point and have resolved previous problems I've ticketed pronto.   So how's your support journey been?     * added latest response from ISP:   Sorry to hear you're having trouble with Blade and Soul. I would agree that the issue appears to be at their end looking at your pingplotter graphs as the jitter is so much worse on the final hop. I've just checked your connection from here to see if there was anything on our end that might be making this worse but your stats look perfectly fine. Power levels, SNR and area contention all healthy.