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What is your favorite skill in B&S?


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BM: Five Point Strike or Multislash. I love how these multihit moves look and how they really portray a sense of speed.


Sin: Decoy. I love the pose they make. Or Close Shave cuz that little animation sequence is awesome.


FM: Dual Dragons. The ultimate in their ice and fire duality, and it looks super cool to boot.



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3 hours ago, Enhance said:

Chi Bomb. The dream!

Yea..I want my Kamehamehaaa already. :(

3 hours ago, Eimi said:

Flying elbow !

Sounds like a KFM skill..yep?

5 hours ago, staahpxDD said:

Hard to say for a summoner xD 

Ofc cuz all summoner skills are broken. :v


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2 hours ago, Oxygen said:

Sounds like a KFM skill..yep?

Used to be ~

Got removed at one point, however there's a kfm npc in one of the newer dungeons, the awakened necropolis that didn't get the memo and every time she uses it she shouts the skill name.


Besides the great voice acting involved, there're mostly nonhumans in the current set of endgame dungeons so i found it quite memorable :3

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BM - Draw Stance looks cool af, and has cool looking animations like honed strike. Honestly everything about bm looks and plays fantastic, there is a reason why so many people LOVE this class. 


KFM: Tab

Hobbit BM: Tab

FM: Tab

Lock: Tab

Destro: Tab

Skum: Tab

Sin: Tab, ok I cant actually see anything when this happens but I imagine it looks nice. 


As a bm, I can say my favorite non bm skill to witness is tab !

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