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Which classes to E/Q engage move?

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So, I have never successfully evaded an engage attack from any class using this tactic, but there are guides that suggest a strategy to avoid being stunned/dazed on the opening of a duel in the Arena is to spam E or Q.  This, supposedly, will allow you to dodge just before the attack lands.


Which classes would this work against?  Obviously has to be melee - KFM, BM, BD, Dest, or Assassin, and their engage mechanic has to put them within 3m melee range.


So, I'm thinking BD and KFM (as long as they don't use flying leap?).  Would it work on Dest?  BM has a charge and a pull option for opening, so it might be hard to predict.  Assassin would not work because if they engage with anything it's to go into stealth.  Has anyone experienced any degree of success with this tactic?


I've struggled recently to avoid being immediately disabled at the start of a fight resulting in 20-50% of my HP lost unless I chose to TAB at that point.  This is very frustrating, especially when BDs can do ~20% of your HP in a single air combo and KFMs (which is also my class) will horribly punish you if they land the C+4 combo opener and you fail to TAB.  Hoping to find some good strategies to reduce the frequency this occurs.


Most of the time I will take flight and try gliding around, then try to sweep them out of the air.  That fails more often than not, and I am stuck on the ground in combat waiting for them to time their engage tactic, so I need to figure out a good way to avoid starting the fight with a handicap.


Also - which engage mechanics can you counter?  Seems like BM and BD goes right through counter, but I noticed you can counter flurry and swooping crane (both KFM engages).

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Ok from my experience it works something along these lines:



They have 2 ways to open up the match, they can either 5 Point Strike skill_icon_swordmaster_1_24.png you right away or use Flying Sparrow skill_icon_swordmaster_1_61.png.

The way to avoid the first is to simply counter (press 1), if they fail the first hit of the 5 point they wont get the rest off.

The way to avoid the second one is to turn around and counter.


This last one is kinda tricky since you don't know which one they are gonna use if they use any of them at all (some just run and start spinning to avoid our engage).




I'll probably need some more assistance on this but from what i've noticed they have 2 types of opener's but I only see them use one more often:

Flying Sparrow skill_icon_swordmaster_1_61.png the same as their BD counterpart that I meantioned above, you need to turn around and counter.

They can also use Divine Retribution skill_icon_blademaster_0_62.png but that requires them to be directly above you gliding or dashing, I really don't see them using this at all.


For the record, BD's can also use Divine Retribution.






Now, if im wrong someone with more experience can correct me and I will appreciate it since my knowledge is limited :)


Im sure they can use a variety of engages so here are the ones I recognize:


Drop Lotus of Escape skill_icon_assassin_0_42.png and immediatly go stealth and use Throwing Dagger skill_icon_assassin_1_11.png  you so they can use Sneak Attack skill_icon_assassin_1_12.png.


For this one you need to time your counter properly, all you need to do is turn around (180º) and counter much similar to BD's and BM's Sparrow.

There are some that don't use Lotus, so they start by jumping and using Blink Step skill_icon_assassin_0_18.png as an opener to get stealth...they sometimes do exactly the same thing immediately after (Throwing Dagger) and they can either Sneak Attack you or just throw the Landmine skill_icon_assassin_0_28.png for the slow, again correct me if im wrong.

They also have Turning Leaf skill_icon_assassin_0_39.png which makes the do a body swap, but they dont open with least the ones i face.





They usually start by using a 2 axe swing attack which makes them immune (I can't find which skill it is) and they can either Spin and Ram skill_icon_destroyer_0_13.png you for the stun, or do as bots usually do which is run and jump at you in which case you can use Q/E.


Since I don't know that much about destroyers, you can counter most of their charge abilities but some KFM's have said that running Elbow Smash skill_icon_kungfufighter_1_5.png prevents Destroyers from using Knee skill_icon_destroyer_0_59.png but I haven't tested this.


Again if anyone has more information about this matchup please add it in....this is the one I know the least >.>






Well this should be a no-brainer but still you can counter our usual opener which is Flurry skill_icon_kungfufighter_0_49.png but beware its easy to detect when they plan to use it if they start running towards you but if they jump its harder to avoid and requires good timing of the counter.


Some start by using Leg Sweep skill_icon_kungfufighter_0_5.png after the initial jump/glide or even stop gliding and Comet Strike skill_icon_kungfufighter_0_21.png you in mid-air.

They can be avoided by a simple counter but it requires practice to land them if you are the agressor or counter it if you are in a more defensive stance.


Hope this helps and sorry if any of this is outdated or wrong, this is from my experience in arena PVP so if anyone else has more knowledge please feel free to add more information and also for only putting up the imagens and not being able to actually link the skills descritions into the post so you can see what they do.




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