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Wheel of Fate Adornments


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Hello fellow B&S players,

Not sure how many people out there have noticed this but the wheel of fate has been quite unfair. I have been on the Pinchy wheel for about five or six days trying to get the stinger cloth. However, in this time, i have been getting more weapon boxes and soul shields that i can count as well as three uniforms and two chest adornments. Meanwhile, I see other players there daily trying to get their chest adornment and ending up with and extra head adornment. It's hard enough to just get one adornment box but acquiring a second of the adornment already owned is just annoying. After thinking about it, I came up with an easy solution. An NPC that deals in trading adornment boxes. 


At every wheel of fate there is that one npc that stands there and does nothing. I propose that there be an npc that can give unlucky players a chance to trade that extra adornment for the one they don't have. Thanks for listening.

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