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Are The Bamboo Costumes Ugly or Not?

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1 hour ago, AttacKat said:

If YOU don't like it, then it is ugly, so why does it matter to you on what I think?

Let's just all NEVER share our opinions or have simple discussions and conversations. He's just curious as to what people think about the costume. You New Yorkers are so uptight



It's simple and nice, so I like it. A lot of costumes just seem gaudy to me, and some others just have too much going on for me to care. It wouldn't reach my top 5 list if I had to make one, but I'd still consider it before Night Luna, or the Labyrinth costumes. Way before

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10 hours ago, Little J said:

It's very simplistic, so I can understand why people wouldn't like it.

But I personally like it and would take it over overdesigned crap like Night Luna.

Pretty much this.
I'm not fond of Bamboo, but I like simple and sleek, and most B&S costumes are way overdesigned.

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On 4/15/2016 at 5:01 AM, Hongmoon said:

It's ugly. No one wears green unless you're in the army, and those aren't even real green, it's just for camo.

Leprechaun?Peter Pan?TINKER BELL??? XD


Green is what we miss in this weird age with tons of pollution..It surely needs more green. :v

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