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Stun escape


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Hi there. So, im a warlock, and i need some help/advice from someone that can help me.


When i get stuned sometimes i cant use any escape, just got stunned over and over again till death. 


I faced a KFM 5 min ago, and stun after stun, and when i could use  1-2 to escape from it, insta stun again with no time to escape, this over and over till HP=0...


Is there any skill that can avoid or take me out of stun that im missing? 


or any tips what im doing wrong.


Ty all for the help in advance...

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One tip here is to know what each class does to stun-lock / control, and to watch for the right moment to use your stun escape based on critical moments in that sequence.


Every class has a TAB stun escape (though there are some that use a different button or multiple buttons) on a 36s CD.  Once you use it, the opponent has a lot of time to exploit that opening to lock you down and finish you off.  Most players try to draw this escape out early, and the newer PVP folks who aren't familiar with other classes will "waste" their escape very early on.


After you escape from a stun, you will often want to use an "iFrame" (invulnerability) to avoid being hit by another stun.  In the situation against a KFM, you have describe a weakness that Warlocks face is that you will often fall into the "trap" of using the ability that lets you block frontal attacks.  KFM has a skill that will stun anyone who is blocking / parrying (triple kick).  So knowing that your opponent has this ability, it is much safer to do something to control the KFM instead of trying to block their next attack.


Most of the time winning is about messing up the opponent's timing / plan.  This means knowing the normal attack patterns, and what abilities they have to counter your abilities.  I would check out some videos to get tips.

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