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Game Disconnection : Cannot get past avatar screen. Need help.


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Hello everyone, I just started playing Blade and Soul last week and at first the game was perfectly fine until the first 14 levels but since three days ago I have been getting this error message whenever I try to join the server this pops up and prevents me from playing the game :





I haven't been able to play the game at all because of it.

Do note that the game was perfectly fine when I installed it.


This is my first time posting so kindly let me know if any more details are to be submitted.



Note : I do not own any ASUS or Razer services.


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Is not the ASUS or Razer services, they do something with the last patch, like you said it all fine before this 3 days and the last update, I have several Disconnection from server.
And I send a ticket too, they try to solve the problem, but nothing work, so is the patch they do something wrong there.

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