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Point scoring system changed?


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So i was 1900+ 2 pre seasons ago then i hit the Summoner bots with 100% resist and sunflower spam and they dropped me to 1650...I quit arena after that because i'd seen DB speed hacking with no CD on skills Flying FM;s who can't be touched, the un CC able bots and well yeah a host of other shit.


Today I go into arena to see what's new ...firstly good job buffing SIn the stay hidden 24/7 class now has a way to stun you forcing your tab then they can do the same move again and kill you or if they fail to kill you hide and wait for CD's. 


Any ways i hate arena due to the fact that there's bot and hackers and skill has *cricket* all to do with the game as ping is king, i fight 18+ fights solo fights win 14 lost 4 yeah sucks i'm a noob. Any way 5 or 6 of those were summoner bots and they are pretty easy to nuke now i know how but boring as hell... I noticed some odd shit with points scoring though.


I win a fight i got 8-14 points I lost one and i drop 30+ ...used to be you only needed a 2:1 ratio to keep your score moving forwards and if you did a 5-7 streak you were gold right away...today i won 8 in a row and i was only at 1450 ....lost one dropped to 1420 win 3 get to 1462 then i hit low gold players win some more and score 2 more losses and yet some how with a higher win ratio then i've had before i can only just hit 1504 ... did the scoring system get changed or is this just because there are very few high ranking players so scoring points in this new season is harder? 


So i do some tags *cricket* me ....every team has 1 person afk farming beans, really frustrating as hell that all people do is afk...took me a few matches but i get my timings right and watch for when they tab ect and use my interference then and manage to kill 2 players pretty instantly. And score like 20+ points for one win ...which i find odd as single gave at most 14 points for killing gold players.   



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