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Na B&S censored or uncensored?

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9 hours ago, koreankiddo said:

Simple question, tittle says it all.

Is NA version censored or uncensored? Haven't played it but I might based on the answer!

LOL, why does it even matter? This isn't an JAV porn game.

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1 hour ago, sonatine said:

balrok raiment for gon females is slightly censored as well. lace on the buttocks instead of a straight up thong. for the most part the costumes are uncensored, except one or two.

No, that is actually how it is for Gons, even in Korea, lol.

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NA graphics are unchanged from the originals. (The comparison images some less-than-informed user(s) may be posting are mods or from the Chinese release which was censored/changed to a degree, not original [KR] content.)


NA storyline was highly modified by a few [snip] "writers" who decided the NA audience was too immature to handle anything outside of the realm of rainbows and unicorns.

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Too mean.
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What's up with people being completely unable to defend NCSoft? They claim there's no censorship, but when they're proven wrong they just call it false or say it doesn't matter, completely ignoring the fact that they said there is absolutely none, with all the confidence in the world.



I dislike censorship, but honestly I could care less about the censorship in this game. I dislike it when localization censors a part of a video game's story, but none of us are playing this game for the story. I couldn't even tell you what anyone's name is besides Jinsoyun and Mushin. Some costumes are censored, but it's just odd which ones they chose. The new Dark Spectre is basically mesh, and you can see your character's thong almost always. Either the costumes that were changed were either a mistake, or NCSoft really did censor them, but have had a change of heart and stopped censoring costumes. Either way, it doesn't really matter.

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I agree it's a computer game and parents ought to be educated on the games their kids play.  Censorship and outright changing the story is total bs.  


That other thread with the guy that copy pasted some sociology from Wikipedia or whatever is right.  I mean I can turn on TV right now and probably find three programs that are centered on sexual crimes

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