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My PVE Frost FM build/rotation


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A-Build contents:


Offensive skills:

Frost skills:


1-RMB Frost Palm S1T3.

(yes I prefer to use the chilling one for frost because,you need the freeze debuff on enemy most of time as it increases damage of some of your skills..In short,for frost FM,freeze debuff works like burn debuff for burn build and you don't need it for the CC in party but for the debuff)


2-Frost fury S1T3 for more DPS (only on frozen target,see?) or S3T3 for life drain,sustain and survival which actually helps you hold your ground when you have aggro or when a boss is doing alot of AOEs and you get low on hp.


3-Impact S4T3 (force blast) and Snow ball S1T3 where both do more damage if target is "frozen".


4-Dragonchar S3T3 which is ice rain and Ice coil S3T3 which is Cold snap.


5-Frozen soul.


Fire skills;


yes,frost build uses some fire skills just like how burn build uses RMB in its main rotation..FM is meant to use both elements for most efficiency.


6-LMB Blazing Palm S1T3..I use S1 blazing palm for faster fire orbs not for auto detonation but it's up to you to get tier 4 for auto detonate only in solo play,never get tier 4 on party or most FMs in same party might start going mad at you.


7-Blazing wall S2T2 which is meteor shower.


8-Inferno S2T3 (instant cast one) or S1T5 if you have HM book for S1 inferno.


9-Short fuse S1T3.(I don't get this skill for the focus recovery as frost almost never runs out of focus but I get it for the DOT for extra damage)


10-Wind Storm S1T3..This skill is almost as fast as frost/fire fury but does like 2x-3x their damage on every hit if target is grapped,grappled or phantom gripped which is pretty nice when you have a destroyer or a blade dancer with you in party.




11-Dual Dragons S1T3.


Defensive skills:


1-Divine Veil S1T4


2-Ice prison S2T2 which is Frost Sheath.


3-Frost Armor S1T1


Mobility skills(Optional):


1-Back step S1T1


2-Second Wind S1T1


B-Rotations and combos:


Aggressive Combos:


1-I initiate with RMB(Frost Palm)>>F (frost fury)>>F(dragon frost)>>X (Snowball).


2-Then I start doing ice rain combo as follows:

 -Either start spamming ice rain before putting cold snap but make sure you leave like 3-4 focus  before you do cold snap so you won't encounter a focus problem (you do that combo 3  times in a row) so as follows 2(ice rain) x 6 times>>>Cold snap>>>2 again till cold snap effect is about to wear off>>cold snap and so on 3 times in a row.


 -Or if ice rain isn't getting spammed faster before you put cold snap or you are having focus problems then put cold snap first then spam ice rain.


In either cases,make sure Ice rain drops on enemy when it is standing in cold snap because,if enemy is not in cold snap,ice rain will do far less damage (probably half its damage).


3-Now my cold snap should be in CD so I will stop doing ice rain then initiate my new combo with my first combo F (frost fury)>>F(dragon frost)>>X (Snowball) then do RMB>>>F(frost fury) to get 3 frost orbits back.


4-Now,this is where I start to spam the 3rd combo which is LMB (Blazing Palm)>>RMB (Frost Palm)>>1(Force Blast) which works similar to the burn build main combo.


5-Once I have 5 embers,I use my final combo which is X(inferno)>>>V(Meteor Shower)>>>C(Short fuse)>>>Fire fury if you don't have 3 fire orbs yet then dual dragons or Dual dragons instantly if you have enough orbs>>>Detonate new 5 ember stacks using Short fuse (this detonation won't annoy other burn FMs as short fuse already applies burn so you do it right after dual dragon when the burn debuff from short fuse is still at its beginning).


If you are using auto detonate S1T4 LMB in solo play then,do Short fuse>>>Meteor shower>>>Inferno at 5 ember stacks (don't use LMB at all here,ember stacks will regenerate to max fast from C+V combo)>>>Fire fury followed by a dual dragons or dual dragons instantly (depending on number of orbs)>>>Short fuse detonation.


That is also assuming you use S2T3 inferno but if you are using S1T5 inferno so don't bother with ember stacks.


6-Do all of the above all over again.


7-Special situations:


A-Spam RMB+Windstorm whenever enemy is grapped,grappled or phantom gripped and if you run out of focus then LMB>>C  or spam LMB+Windstorm..This combo is not that good in solo play so you can remove wind storm in solo play and get something more useful if you want.


B-If warlock does soul burn,Stack up 3 frost orbs using frost fury then spam LMB>>>F(Dual dragons) till you run out of frost orbs so you do RMB>>F(frost fury) to get 3 frost orbs again then LMB>>F(Dual dragons) again and so on.


Defensive Combos:


1-Spamming RMB>>>F(frost fury S3T3)>>F(Dragon frost) is a good defensive combo for survival and sustain..If you end up being the tank because of aggro,this combo comes in handy.


2-Divine veil is pretty good vs ranged mobs but the thing people do not notice is that it is also pretty good vs melee mobs as well if combined with frost armor or frost sheath as follows:

  -Divine veil>>successful frost sheath. (I believe this combo has the potential to affect all party but I am not sure yet).

  -Or Divine veil>>Frost Armor for a 1-100 heal thing. XD


Mobility tips:


1-You can move while doing ice rain..Just move with A and D then do cold snap (Z) and spam ice rain (2) after while moving with A or D and camera using mouse..You can also jump while doing that and it won't interrupt your spam,don't worry..Just needs some little training.


2-As far as I have noticed,RMB>>F(frost fury)>>F(dragon frost) combo has the best mobility and that's why I prefer to use it when I want to juke some enemy or get aggro of something where I can not keep up with its damage if I stand still.


General tips:

-Frost FM (or at least my frost FM style) is kinda crit hungry so get as much crit as you can so around 50%-55% crit chance would be fine.

-I use the following gems on my weapon:"Life drain amethyst","Attack damage ruby","Attack Power diamond",""on evasion crit boost peridot"..It is up to you to use any gems you want but I personally find these 4 to fit very well with my frost FM.



Reminder:this is just the way I play my FM so if you don't like it,it's ok..I am just sharing the build I personally find to be working pretty well for me so if you disagree with me,no need to insult/argue aggressively against me..Please,let us keep it civilized and clean.


However,if you have some thoughts to share,feedback,things that I could improve or even disagree with me on something,feel free to let us know but politely.

I personally do appreciate feedback be it in my favor or not and constructive discussion as long as it goes polite and civilized but if it is aggressive uncivilized type of discussion then I might not even bother to reply.


I was not planning to share my frost build in public any soon but recently,I find more people asking about frost build rotation etc so I got bored of having to tell everyone of all these details over and over..I think this post should make it easier for all of us. :)


I hope you find the information included in this post useful and I hoped I helped enough.


Finally this is a picture of my skill build:













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