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[Error 4049] - Black Desert incompatibility


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Hi there,


I know - it is a dangerous step to talk about Black Desert Online, but - if you opened Black Desert and try to play BNS - the launcher triggers a 4049 Error.


It is possible that a few players opened black desert online all the time, because you can let your char do stuff for hours, just with minimizing the game - so maybe someone get this issuee


It looks like Gameguard doesn't like the Black Desert Guard (whichever this is)  and just says Nope. - it would be cool if gameguard would fix this because ~~ yeah i would like to let my char fish while playing bns :P


I tried the opposite, first open BNS, then black desert cant be startet. - so u cant play those games at the same time.


Just as a information :D - there are many programs which could get a Problem for gameguard so just try to kill all processes out of the normal windows processes and try again.


Greets from Switzerland

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