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Dance moves not working


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I noticed that I cannot do any of my char's second dance move. I already reported this via support but also making this thread to see if it's only my problem or do other people have this.


Edit: Mods if you see this you may delete this thread as I noticed only now that someone already had made similar topic! :c

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6 hours ago, Aurinya said:

Danke für die Meldung. Das /tanzen-Emote funktioniert in der Tat seit dem heutigen Patch nicht wie vorgesehen, so dass die Quest momentan nicht beendet werden kann. Dies wird voraussichtlich mit der Wartung am 27.04. behoben werden. Bis dahin bitten wir Euch, die Unannehmlichkeit zu entschuldigen.


Thanks for the Report. The Emote doesn't indeed not work and is not possible to make the Quest. This issue will approximately resolved with the main tain on 4/27. we apologize for the inconvenience.



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