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Current FM builds?


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I've been searching around the internet for the past few days and can't seem to find a "definitive" or optimal single target DPS rotation for FM.


To my understanding, the burn build is the current highest DPS build, but the rotation is still a mystery to me, been playing around with LMB RMB 2 and LMB RMB F  rotations, help pls :^)

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Might be outdated by now but this is what I'm using mainly,since we have lvl 50 and more skills now I've adjusted a few things to my own liking but this is the base.


Seems to work out just fine for me for both soloing and parties.

Whatever you do just don't use auto detonate stuff around other FMs,that thing is really annoying.

Single target dps rotation is pretty much just keep burn on and repeat Lmb+Rmb+2/inferno/meteor.




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Burn build is pretty easy rotation,imo.


Burn build core skills and rotations:(In descending order from the most important to get to the least important):


-I believe it has always been LMB (stage 2)>>RMB (stage 2)>>2(blazing beam)  or 1 (stage 3 impact) to sustain burn effect if it is about to go off and you need to have 5 ember stacks for burn.You need to also train on the anicancel that combo on some dummy.The anicancel is pretty much the deal in burn build,imo.


-Also,don't forget to do inferno (stage 2 instant cast one) whenever it is out of CD and make sure there are 5 ember stacks on target so it would do max damage.

Use firewall(V) meteor stage whenever it is out of CD and make sure enemy has burn effect on them for it to do max damage..You can do fire C stage 1 on enemy whenever it is out of CD as well if you feel confident you won't run out of focus but if you aren't then better save it when you run out of focus.


-Spec up dual dragon,it is pretty nice damage specially when warlock does soulburn..Don't worry about frost orbs,you are supposed to be using the RMB stage that regenerates frost orbs on crit and not the chill one on burn build.


-Spec fire fury and do it for 3 fire orbs and dragonblaze after for the fire buff..Try to keep that fire buff from dragonblaze on if possible,still a nice damage boost and right after dragonblaze,make sure you get back 3 fire orbs using firefury again which should be pretty easy with blazing soul specced.


Note:Blazing soul skill makes your fire fury stack 3 fire orbs on 1 cast..Blazing soul is a must for burn build,imo.It also reduces CD of some of your skills like meteor etc when you cast some other skills like dragonblaze and allow the fire damage buff from dragonblaze.

I am talking about that passive skill at the bottom of your skill list where you get to choose either blazing soul or frost soul.


Optional but pretty nice to get:(In descending order from the most important to get to the least important):


-Spec windstorm stage 1 which is a pretty nice skill if you have a destroyer or a BD with you on party who grap or phantom grip enemy..It is almost as fast as fire/frost fury but deals like 4k-5k crits per attack if target is grapped or phantom gripped etc.


-Spec ice ball (X) to ice tornado for an additional focus recovery skill. (which actually should make you more confident to use fire C for DPS instead of saving it for focus recovery)


-Spec divine veil (the stationary veil stage not the one where you can move the veil itself) and ice prison (stage 2) which is ice sheath.(support/defensive skills).


-Tier 1 frost armor (defensive skill),tier 1 second wind (additional tenacity).Very situational but they prove to be pretty handy sometimes.


Completely up to you if you wanna get the following skills ( not a priority for a burn build):


-Spec firestorm to heat wave and 3 to glacial beam if you want additional CC for bosses etc.(might be a priority for some who prefer to play a role in CC rather than pure DPS though most other classes offer far better CCs so I wouldn't bother getting them myself till I have excess skill points)


-Frost fury stage 3 for life drain and more sustain..This one is far more handy on frost than burn build but it's still a nice addition if you have excess points that you don't know where to assign.


-Phantom grip stage 1 which gives your phantom grip abit more range making it nice for sleeping mobs in some dungeons like Efleet at poharan boss when you need to sleep one of the tigers so it having more range and duration can help abit more in such situations. (really really situational) .

Or Phantom grip stage 2 and that is only for party play as it helps your party members gather chi faster to ress and pulls them to a safe place.(pure situational support skill).



I don't do burn build anymore (except in some rare situations) because,I actually find it boring and find frost to be more fun and abit harder overall rotations than burn.

However,burn build has pretty good burst in short term so should be doing more damage in short term than frost but after a while,I found it really evens out and both damage becomes almost the same...Hence,be careful of stealing aggro so early. :D


That's just my opinion and preferences though.


I hope this info helped.

1 hour ago, ChessiHV said:

Should we still be using T3S1 Blazing Palm for the passive orbits? 


also, is there a reason we do LMB RMB instead of RMB LMB?


Answer to first question:If you have enough crits then may be though I believe T3S2 blazing palm is better for burn build since you can instantly get 3 fire orbs on 1 fire fury cast if you have specced blazing soul and not frost.

However,T3S1 blazing palm proves to be better for frost FM..(for my frost FM at least,its more handy than S2) so it really depends on your build after all.


Answer to second question:I think you need to do it in this sequence to be able to anicancel properly.

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4 hours ago, KzE said:

Bewbie? :D





Wow nostalgia..That Taegeun video helped me alot back then but it has just 1 frost combo which is ice rain+frost Z and then he starts to show some burn build combos..

Frost has like 3-4 different combos including that ice rain one in its rotation.

However,for new FMs,that TaeGeun video is pretty nice and useful to help you figure your way out on basics.

Frost has like 3-4 rotations that you get to do when ice rain is on  CD..However,I recommend new players

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7 hours ago, kaisersozeeee said:

New fm bewbie here.. I'm looking for easy ice/frost build.

Ok bewbie,I will tell you my frost build/rotation but I am not sure if it will suit you.


I will make a post with it because,it is alot to write and send you the link shortly after.


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12 hours ago, ChessiHV said:

Should we still be using T3S1 Blazing Palm for the passive orbits? 


also, is there a reason we do LMB RMB instead of RMB LMB?


Stage 2 gives you ember stacks and more damage with burning. 

In fact, with the 1. force blast you could keep up burn and ember stacks forever. 

And second thing, you could spam right > left > f for orbits, and keep them up long enough, so you will not lose 10% bonus dmg. 

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21 hours ago, ChessiHV said:

Should we still be using T3S1 Blazing Palm for the passive orbits? 


also, is there a reason we do LMB RMB instead of RMB LMB?


You can, its a loss in LMB dps but you can work around it with dragon blaze spam as a filler. It also makes it easier for me to stack flame orbs with a warlock's SB buff faster. so its a 50/50 for me if in feeling lazy one day or i'm way too overgeard for my PUG's DPS/Tank. 


Here's my build: https://bnstree.com/FM/pub?build=5005000255322564239431238332503238032106332513323533266332412211033263212493223922237322431141011 

I can play around with Heatwave, fury skills and de taunt RMB skill points as needed. 


But for the most part T3S2 LMB is the go to LMB path for ''optimal'' DPS.(T5S2 if you're patient enough to get the HM book).  Main reason being that, not only do you get bonus base damage from T3S2 LMB's burn debuff tooltip,  you also get a HUGE buff in crit damage from T3S2 LMB. Same goes for Blazing beam, at least for me i'm doing 50% MORE crit damage off these two skills  alone with a burn build





I made a private vid  a while ago for a few of my clan FMs, but I guess i'll leave it here.

Not the best and most in depth vid, there;s prob a lot better ones on YT. but I went over the main selling point of a burn build. My basic rotation is RMB > LMB > F (If possible) > 2 > 1 Force Blast = Burn. In that basic rotation alone I get a decent crit rate from those skills. Granted in the vid I had a 48% ish crit rate, Awakend Pirate.  I now have 50%+ crit and True Pirate, so results are definitely better than before. 

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What do you mean? LMB and 2 are your damage. RMB is for freezing and 1 is to stun the enemy (not neccessary against most enemies because they won't move if frozen). C and X burn your enemies so you are doing more damage. Use Meteor on multiple enemies or burned enemies only. Nothing Special at all. Standard burn build without perma burn because of too less skill points in 1.

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