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Dark or lightning build while leveling?


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Hi all,

Just wondering which build experienced assassins think would be best to use while leveling.  I know a perms-stealth build will be easy to solo dungeons, etc., but didn't know if it is worth it to get used to using the Dark build and applying/keeping 5 stacks of poison on while leveling up or just stick to stealth RMB-F until I get to areas with true sight bosses?  Any advice would be appreciated!  

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I started my Assasin a while ago and leveled up to level 50 with the Lightning build.

Its just retarded how easy it is to kill mobs.


At level 50 its still viable because of u dont have aggro the bosses dont knock you out of stealth. 


The Problem is you do so much Dmg(if you are doing it right) that you will get aggro.


Bit its still very fun to play because you have to relocate yourself around the Boss permanently. 


Sry for Bad english I'm German :p

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