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Doing some freebies


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Sadly I don't have much drawing samples of recent work, but I am doing some freebies. Mostly head sketches or about shoulder, depending on my mood. I'm not going to charge, but if you do want to tip me and are on the Dochun server, feel free to tip me on Lukou. BTW, my mail is locked still cause I need membership. : P 


Anyway, mostly waiting till my laptop fully charges to work on dailys, otherwise its laggy right now. So shoot me up with your cuties. 


DA Samples: http://luckygirl88.deviantart.com/gallery/56348620/Drawings

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OH, another Gaian, seems like i have been living under a rock for many years, i didnt know that web was so popular until like a month ago, i just started a month ago in Gaia and i am having a lot of fun there ^^, my nickname there is iBattleKat.

(well...maybe i am wrong but, i just saw one of your drawings from Gaia...)


I would love one or two of my favorite characters if you dont mind >.<, here i will leave you my favorite characters so you can pick one if you want:





Oh and also, hi again!, from the Preset Challenge ^^


And umm...this is my Gaia Avi, is a cosplay of Rory Mercury =3



Good Luck! 

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