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Bns EU bots/hackers in arena (summoner)


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Just now, Lunakitty said:

Better play safe than be sorry. But yeah mostly they don't like name shaming. Also you should submit ticket with the video so support can look into it.

i see gonna try to do that (haven't done that before) ty 

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In NA these have been around for awhile in the arena. Unfortunately here they are now going into the open pvp areas. Going in and out of invis and resistant to every cc. My alt got ganked by these guys in scorching sands (and they are lvl 49+).

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Hey guys,


If you encounter a player using illegal third party software such as this, please submit a ticket to customer support with the players information along with the details on what you experienced they were doing, and then the team will be able to take the appropriate actions from there. You can submit a ticket here: https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us

[Thread Closed - Please contact Customer Support]

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