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unaceptable game system


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Hello, i was doing 3v3 plat now, was with 7 win streak, when me, at the mid of the fight, and winning, get game crash, the reason ? gameguard, my fps just drop like crazy from 80 to 20 when i was typing and bum, game crash, at the *cricket*ING MIDLE OF THE FIGHT, i was with 1939 rank points, 55%+ kd, but thats not all, when i come back in less than 1min and 30s ! ( i have the game in a ssd) voila, kicked from the arena, HOW THE *cricket* IS THAT FAIR HUM ? your trash game system kick one player for a game side crash ? THATS NOT A *cricket*ING CRASH PROBLEM FROM MY COMPUTER, THAT WAS FROM YOUR SIDE ! YOUR BROKEN SIDE ! how is that supposed to be a esport game hum ? is that far with me ? i was going to win, but now i drop from 1939 to *cricket*ing 1916!!! that is insane ! thats not fair with me, not fair with my team ! what if my team lose because of your trash broke game system hum ? what if that happen in an esport tournament, would u say '' lets start the match again'' ? *cricket* of, the game should'nt kick anybody for a game side crash, thats not dc, thats not my computer, that the *cricket*ing game guard and game system ! less than 2 *cricket*ing minutes i comeback to win and the game kicked mee !! *cricket* THIS SHIT !! you even test your game ? you need feedback for everything ? srsrly ? to lazy buying cupcake ? TEST YOUR GAME ! i hope this happen in every esport match this version of the game will have, you need feel ashamed like i'am !! the game should wait for me to comeback fk, fix this shit, no joke !



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