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Air combo+finisher??


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I'm not sure what you're asking o.o
First you need to stun your target, then use TAB to knockup, then you press LMB once for the first 'step' of the air combo, then LBM for the 'second' (and last) step of the air combo. 
In PvP, you may not want to use the second step, but use Webbing instead.

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In addition to the air combo you can throw in multiple things:

  • Venom Swarm (4): Deals fairly good damage over time and blocks defense skills for 8 seconds.
  • Set Landmine (Z): Spec'd all the way to the right it deals massive damage to airborne enemies, at the cost of a poison stack.
  • Webbing (Tab): Keeps enemies locked in the air for 4 seconds as you reposition yourself or tech-chase.

In PvE though you generally don't want to air combo because only one person can air combo at a time and screw over 5 other people waiting, effectively slowing down DPS. In PvP it's more advantageous to use Webbing over Thunderstruck.

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