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*cricket* the arena right now


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Just gonna say it now, yes more then likely i am being a sour puss right now, but *cricket* it *cricket* high end play. What do i get to run into majority of the time right now? Blade dancers and assassins. Two of the most stall heavy classes of all time. What's that you say? Play the *cricket*ing game? Why would i do that?  I only want to tickle you the entire match and run away like the spineless player that I am.


Assassins already have a decent amount of abilities that lets them slip into stealth? Don't worry cause to the pleasure of all we are going to give them two more, one being a buff on stealth! No, they are far too frail for actual combat. That is why they have been given more then enough to essentially stay invisible the entire match cause in no way can this be abused to draw out the timer! We just have that much faith in our players.


Then there are the masters of resisting, blade dancers. Like the destroyer they spin resisting every thing but knockdowns, pulls, and aerials. Okay thats not bad. Free 10% heal with the next 5 attacks to be resisted for 5 secs, and can be used every 36 sec with no punishment for free? Now the slippery slope begins. I know for a fact that they have at least one more resist for as long as they cast it, and some other one maybe that i have not seen the likes of often, And that *cricket*ing grab. Fairly easy to get out of, except if they squirm around too much at the most crucial time then all of a sudden your counter can no longer be used because your technically not close enough to do so. *cricket*ING WHY? How is it that such a minor thing hasn't been fixed yet? Cause it is hard to actually abuse i suppose. And yet I still can go an entire match without being able to break a single one because miraculously when the moment comes I conveniently become inert with the joy of becoming a pin cushion yet again. Maybe i am just insanely unlucky, but i swear this little hiccup is being milked as much as possible.


I am done. Rant over. Please proceed to tell me to get gud if you wish.

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