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Order, Unity, and Dignity- Cerulean Order Propaganda


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Listen Cerulean Brothers!
The number of anarchist parasites is growing! Our holy duty is to eradicate them from the face of earth so we can live in a better tomorrow.
This so called Crimson Legion is uniting more and more of those parasitic forces and luring innocent souls onto their side with false promises and completely wrong ideologies.
Peace is just the result of weak soldiers and bad Leaders. We are neither of those.
Peace takes away our purpose, for fighting is what we live for.
So we´ll fight. We’ll fight until every Crimson parasite faces justice.
So onwards my comrades, wear your Cerulean uniforms with pride and dignity.

Fight at all times! We will not let them win, for we are the rightful victors.
Yours truly Bratislav Bratniovic Bratko and Eimana.

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