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Why Jerk Behavior in Frostscale Basin Doesn't Pay

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There is been a recent escalation in jerk behavior in Frostscale Basin. This post isn't a wambulance - rather this is an attempt to educate players on why this behavior ultimately costs them time and extra effort.


Jerk behavior includes:

1) Freeing a slave while letting the person who was there first, and who was clearing the mob, take all the damage.

2) Hitting the pythons after someone else pulls the lever to release them.


If you, or worse a whole party, is exhibiting jerk behavior, I have the following options for retaliation:

1) I slack on bosses and especially balrok so you have to do more work. I don't cast any skills to make it easier to dps the boss. I don't cast divine veil over the tanks. I don't resu anyone.

2) I don't help with the minor bosses to summon Balrok after my own quest is done.

3) If you snipe my mobs, especially the pythons, while I'm hunting nagas, I'll follow you around and try to get first hits on all the mobs around you. If it looks like you are sniping other people's mobs because you're botting, I'll report you.


And don't ask for party after behaving like a jerk. I'm not going to do any work to benefit you.


I'm sitting back, watching TV, and laughing about all the extra work you had to do. I'm sure I'm not the only one who makes sure jerk behavior doesn't pay. Want the Frostscale Basin to go fast? Respect your fellow players, even if they aren't in your party.

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I agree, it's kinda irritating to see those kind of behavior.

Imagine if they behave like this in real life ?? It's like you were queuing at the checkout in supermarket, and while your daughter asks you to buy her some candies, some rude people passed before you, you know, like this is a normal behavior :o


The worst that regularly happen to me is on Kitchul. I often miss the tag one, two or three times, even if I'm grouped with 5 other players. Then when we finally get to tag the mob, some infamous destroyer (always destros don't know why) gets our mob and resets it so I loose again 5 minutes waiting for Kit to pop again... It would be too hard for him to wait until he and his group actually managed to tag the mob ??


People behind their screens are so despicable, it's almost sad.


NB: sorry for bad english.

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I can solo all the bosses in that junk 24 raid. And balrock is the easiest to kill he can be cc more than the other bosses. Dark Balrock just has more hp.

Now if your in a dungeon with me and you tell me something unpleasent or rude I will make you regret it. you dont mess about with the King Troll of EBONHALL

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If give you a party and you reject, you want to do everything solo it means that you steal my time there!

Just make party with ppl around so easy and fast , all solo loosers there i hate you all solo crybabys

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Op sounds like a really vengefull, petty and angry person, not sure if idd want someone like that in my party, one thing happens that sets him off so he can use one of his excuses to stop doing anything while everyone else in the party has to make up for his slack.


I bet OP is a solo player and avoids invites like a cancer and never ever makes his own party, you know those guys who you send an invite and stare at you like you are some kinda alien, Kit Chull np lemme just bring it to behind the three so that it resets kinda guy, because theres 2 parties worth of people but its his solo spawn.



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It's annoying yes - clearly people can see you are clearing that mob to get to that captive or whatever it is you need and I find it irritating each time it's done to me. If I get the chance to return the favor I certainly do. Other than that I let it go.

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It would help if the game had 100% support skills that do zero/nill damage of their own and actually shared exp and credit among collaborated-kills.


Instead of 13 offense-oriented race-classes

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