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Visual Optimization


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This Question probably has been asked quite often before but pls hear me out.

At the launch of this game our maximum visual setting wasnt anywhere close to the KR one.

But after the launch of silverfrost we got additonal settings and certain improvements.


Still the game doesnt look anywhere near as crisp as this video shows. 




At the beginning you see character Model close up with enviroment.

Color saturation, And edges, esp the lightning is totally different.


My question is: did we get the visual update like kr one on the launch of silverfrost? Is it something with my settings that makes it look worse

If not: did Ncsoft say anything in their stream about a visual update.


To clarify, i did not find anything about it on here or reddit as most posts rather consists of people complaining about fps n such rather than the maximum capacity of the game.



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