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Buy Gold and Bots

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As you said in stream before game release, this game wont be pay to win but actually it is now. You can see many peoples Moderator edit: Name & Shaming in the EU Windrest server they are totally FULL geared, you know how disgusting and not fair in PvE and faction PvP. They just buy 50k+ gold from goldsellers in cross-server dungeon By auction loot a trash item.


There are alot group self-gold farmers in other servers and tons of Bots everywhere, like faction, pvp arena. And faction isnt balanced at all coz many red players are just buying gold and get good item, so they are strong thats why everyone wants to join crimson legion. They have alot more ppl then Blues, more p2w players, more bots etc.


NC what do you get for not banning thoes kind of players and bots? Only sellers gets money and lose more players + make game more unbalanced, you are destroying a game :(

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Moderator edit: Name and shaming.
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A. Name shaming is a No-No here

B. You do not know they buy gold unless you have proof, and if you have that you should send it into NCsoft

C. You can buy gold legally with ctrl+c 

D. You can make a ton of gold per day (I even average 200g if I try, and do not get sick of 3v3s or prestige farming)

E. A lot of clans will boost up their members...

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