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Stop buying premioum so our voice can be heard

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I play bns since cbt3 started with maining sin n i came to like this game n i believe all of u love this game.

Ncsoft ignores us when we stating the problems like bots cheaters etc.

Im a premioum user rank 7 but i will stop buying it so im asking u fo the same so maybe ncsoft listen to us when they see their money cut 2 half.

This company dont even try to do anything n hell the fact that not even 1 gm in game tells the fact that they want to grab money with investing the least.

Im not against premium to support the game but those ppl seem to not care

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Bots keep the marketplace balanced, yes theyre a pain but rather than combat them just give dungeons the option to vote kick without them being offline.

Now the cheaters need to go, but like any cheaters if you manage to get rid of one cheat theyll just come up with another.  It's how games work so deal with it.

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I haven't seen bots at all in dungeon runs for a long while. Nowadays they are so evolved that they solo it rather than party it. Just go look at the entrances to Ogong or Blackram Narrows. Not sure what they want from Blackram N. That would mean kick option would be only for those leechers. I have seen recently more often lv 50 HM4+ people leeching off in dungeons.

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You don't have to ask cause I'm already just let my premium run out before I leave this game for good.

About bots they are everywhere in Silverfrost and making dailies unable to complete cause they claim everything thanks to NCsoft for first claim got credit.

Also, shit load of them in Soulstone plains at lvl44 doing faction dailies for soulstone....On bright side, these bots help lower the cost of Soulstones soon!

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