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Summoner vs Blade Dancer (double unconscious)


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How do you deal with this? It's sad that even at the highest level it's being used to gain "freelo" but how do you deal with double unconscious. Basically the blade dancer baits out your roll so when he phantom grips you, you cannot just roll out of it. He also specs into his kick and just stuns you and kicks you unconscious. I don't understand how to counter that. Okay so I save my roll instead, now I'm down to 60% health and he's getting ready to lightning draw me. What now? His cooldowns are all back up and he can continue it again. Basically what happens is, while you're sleeping he kills your cat which makes it a 0.5 vs 1. Any suggestions at all?  I'm stuck at 2359...i cannot get any higher without knowing.

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Just a few ideas (it of course always changes depending on enemies reaction). If he sleeps you,


-E your cat to you (works if you are unconscious), so he has to hit you as well (which means make sure to save that E if he is going this strat).

-if he grabs your cat away while you sleep and tries to kill cat at the other end of the arena, use trinket, go into opposite corner, place your flower petal and spawn your cat the moment he kills it and laugh at him for wasting his lightning draw and CC (that´s why you trinket safely the unconscious state)

-generally, anytime you see him using lightning draw on cat, just trinket, it´s the main reason to save trinket anyway and heal cat and cc the BD with your 2 and spam Q or if he is too far away, just run even further and respawn cat

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