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Being Hacked.


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Yes, sorry, another hacking thread.


TLDR; I was just wondering if anyone else felt the wrath of last Tuesday's hacking spree and has had any luck getting their items back yet?


A 2-step password was added onto my account last Tuesday, I was wondering why I couldn't log in using my own pin not even realising that this was an OTP Pin someone had added on, when I logged in all my gold and items were gone from all 5 of my characters. An inventory that I am usually struggling to keep empty is now really empty... Haha. Those *cricket* even changed all my key settings etc. as if stealing wasn't annoying enough.


The hacker had not changed my password and I could still log in normally, could this mean he actually did not have access to my email/pw? When I reported this to NCSoft my account was locked the following day, even though I reported to them that I had changed my pin/password AND now added the 2nd authentication. They insisted that my email address was compromised and at fault (my email address had a different pw to my account, so the hackers have figured that password out too?) even though there is countless evidence and threads from other players suggesting that their security system is at fault. Nonetheless because my email address is apparently compromised too I had to reply to them from another email address which they changed over and I had to create a new forum name etc... My passwords and my Pin number were not even simple, so this is bugging me more. I don't download random crap and I don't have any viruses, so this can't be a keylogger, neither have I EVER bought any gold.


I've invested a lot of time and money into this game along with many others, and it upsets me that things like this are happening so easily and to a lot of people. I've tried to ask NCSoft in almost every ticket "Will I get my stolen items/gold back?" and I am not receiving any answer. My last reply on the ticket was again thanking them but asking them if I would get my lost items back. They sent a reply to my OLD email address (the one they made me change) about the ticket saying that there had been no reply in 48 hours and they will close the ticket. Its bad enough having to wait nearly half a day or more for a reply in this kind of situation, especially when you wait the whole day just to receive an answer to your question (and mostly the answer you get is not that helpful at all) 


I thank NCSoft for their help and I am not trying to belittle that, I'm sure they have a lot to deal with... But I don't know what they have done for me other than lock my account (AFTER I changed all my passwords) and change my email address, something I could have done on my own. I've received no information on the person who actually hacked me and if they have been dealt with, I feel like I don't even want to play this game anymore, a game I've been playing for years and have thoroughly enjoyed with the EU release, but I think this is ridiculous. The first priority should be to get the account secure and restore any items that were lost to the player. The fact that there has been no mention of returning anything to me is upsetting me even further. Its no fun to be hacked on a game you've spent so much time and money on and then to permanently lose everything? Where is the justice in that?


I'm afraid to start playing and farming my items back again incase this effects me getting my original things back, does anyone have any advice or has been through a similar situation?


Lets support each other! 

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