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Ceru. Kfm is this even possible ... ?


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Before i offend some1 to call him hacker i just like to know what i experienced is possible or not.

There was a KFM (i didnt name him until you guys said its possible without hack or not) standing behind a "terror" with a gun in his hand. After i killed a sentinel (he didnt saw me) so i thought i send my cat to him. at least stun hiim to drop his gun but all damage and stn was resisted...

Not long after this person just rushed foward and jumped into a group of crimson players (i ddint know his attempt was successful or not) but what i saw after i cannot belive it.

That guy stands there at least 20 around him, hiting shooting him, yet he didnt got any damage. all you saw RESIST. he was completely surrended yet walked out from that situation without a sratch. He was even resist in Phantom Grab.


Is there any way a to a player manage to do this ? Maybe he was an extremely talented player with amazing skills.

I dont want to call any1 hacker. but i dont think this is possible. and i saw that guy over and over again do the same thing.


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Kfm has a ton of iframes.

Q/E gives one second of iframe each.

Backstep gives about a second of iframe

Z (spin kick) gives about a second

C (4 point strike) gives 2-3 seconds

Additionally, the new Hongmoon Counter gives 1 sec. of iframe on successful counter. This skill has a 1.3 second cooldown, so if people are constantly attacking him and proccing his counter, it is very possible to be invulnerable 80-90% of the time.


Plus, there are no known hacks that simply give iframes. 

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I solo the plains alot vs 20-80 crimsons. While you are holding a gun, you can´t use any escapes or skills. At the first cc, you´ll drop the gun.

However, I usually escape without dying too, the times I die is mainly because of massive fps drops when there are alot of players all using their skills + bosses.


Once, and only once, I encountered a strange bug. Where at least 15 players of the 50-60 players who where there, was targeting me. I used up all my escapes and got cc´d, then for 4-5 seconds I watched my hp going up and down like crazy, and then finally just down. I have no idea what happened to be honest, other than I am summoner and the advanced seedshroud was active. It felt like the cat taunt effect was partially on me for 4-5 seconds and I was resisting 90% dmg, while gaining 2% hp at every hit.

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